PR marketing toolsPromote your business with press releases, social media and PR tactics that help you build buzz in the market

Public relations involves managing your brand reputation while generating industry buzz that influences customer perception and awareness of your business.

Products and services featured in the public relations marketing tools directory offer free or low-cost ways for small businesses to improve their PR efforts.

Press Release Distribution Tools

PRweb press releasesPRWeb is a leading online news and press release distribution service used by 40,000+ organizations. Their basic press release distribution packages allow you to target industries and media outlets by geography (at the state and city level), as well as link to your website and upload images with press releases. Your press release can receive a lot of web traffic directly from PRWeb’s online categories by industry, as well as through search engines and online news outlets that pick up the release.

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24-7 Press is a leader in the online press release distribution industry. 24-7PressReleases offers a variety of press release distribution packages that are matched with the type of distribution you are seeking (an priced accordingly so you are not paying for more that you need). Packages range from basic online visibility, to SEO and targeted media exposure to broad mass media coverage. They also have a free press release service that receives limited distribution.

Try this Tool: Sign up for 24-7 Press Release is a leader in press releases services for businesses, bloggers, and website owners. eReleases has an exclusive partnership with PR Newswire, a Tier-1 news release organization that is typically used by large businesses to reach national publications. Offering the same type of reach at a much lower cost, eReleases also features a database of over 100,000 subscribing journalists and guaranteed inclusion in AP newswire.They have excellent writers on staff as well to facilitate the press release process to build business, increase inbound links, and boost website rankings and traffic.

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