3 Ways to Improve Targeting for Customers or Market Territories

targeting customersFrom demographics to buying behavior traits and customer interests, learning more about your ideal customer and your target market will help you maximize your marketing campaign budget and revenue results

Businesses continue to make investments in their marketing by expanding online advertising, direct marketing and lead generation campaigns. But are they spending their money wisely to get the most of those marketing dollars? With tighter budgets, zeroing in on your target market territory and target customer is more important than ever to produce the best return on your investment.

Before launching a new business or product, expanding into a new market territory or rolling out a new direct marketing campaign, take a step back to analyze your target market and learn more about the customers you are trying to reach.

By improving your market and customer profile with advanced targeting data you will be able to answer questions like:

  • Who are my best customers?
  • How should I market to them?
  • Where do they live?
  • What are my customer’s interests?
  • What are the demographic profiles within my market territory?
  • How do I find more customers like my best customers?

The answers to these questions will provide you with targeting strategies to improve your marketing messages, campaign offers and conversion rates. These three low cost tools for targeting market territories and customers will guide you through the process.

Get Detailed Information on your Target Market

Understanding your market is important… whether you are launching a new business, expanding into a new geographic market area or simply looking for ways to grow and maximize your business efforts.

Start with a zip code of your target market, and then quickly generate a market profiler report that provides detailed demographic data on your target market. The market profiler report also contains marketing campaign ideas and tips to maximize targeting efforts and reach the key customer segments that exist in your target market.   A market profiler report can provide guidance on what types of marketing communications will be most effective for your target market, areas with your target customer and even where to advertise.

Market Profiler Reports by Experian (a leading provider of consumer data and segmentation) can be an invaluable tool for understanding your target market and improving your marketing campaigns.

A market profiler report is a great way to determine if a market territory has the right potential targets for your product or service, provide a roadmap for planning a targeted marketing campaign or simply validate assumptions on viability of a market territory for your business.

Use Target Data to Reach Your Ideal Customers

As a business owner, you probably already have a good idea of who your best customers are based on their history with your business. They may be customers who spend the most or continue to give you repeat business. If you could only find more customers like your ideal customers then your business would continue to grow.

Focusing your marketing efforts on targeting ideal customers is certainly the best use of your limited budget. Knowing what characteristics exist with an ideal customer and then using those characteristics as targeting criteria in your marketing campaigns is the key to finding more of your best customers.

With a Customer Profiler Report from Experian you simply load up a sample list of your best customers (with a minimum of 20 customers) and a data profiler model runs against the list to produce a customized profiler report.

The customer profiler report will give you a detailed analysis of your best customers to help you build future marketing campaigns to target more customers like your best customers. You will learn more about your customers’ buying habits and get marketing tips on how to best reach them.

Boost Marketing Campaigns with Advanced Customer Targeting Data

Take your customer profiler report to the next level with a detailed overview of marketing opportunities based on your target customer data.

The Premium Customer Profiler Report by Experian is a roadmap to developing a marketing communication and campaign plan to reach your ideal customers. You’ll identify which marketing communication strategies and campaign offers the customer profile is likely to respond to positively and get actionable insights on how to best target your ideal customers.

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