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Products and services featured in the advertising tools directory offer free or low-cost ways for small businesses to improve print, online or local advertising on a budget. Most tools offer Free Trials to get started and test out services.

Tips for Choosing the Right Advertising Tools for Your Business

Here are some tips and best practices to help you choose the best advertising tools for your business.

Benefits of Advertising Tools

Some type of advertising – online, print, search, mobile or radio - is essential for businesses to build and maintain a brand. While some advertising offers mainly branding benefits, there are many new online advertising opportunities that can directly generate sales for your business. Trends like local coupon deals and product placement ads have made many advertising opportunities a must-have tool for online commerce.

By using advertising tools you can:

  • Improve your online and offline brand presence
  • Generate leads or direct sales from new customers
  • Build industry recognition and visibility
  • Connect with local customers
  • Promote deals and specials to generate new business

Costs for Advertising Services

The cost of advertising tools and services can vary greatly by advertising type and medium. In general, look for cost-per-click (or sale/lead) pricing plans for online advertising opportunities that can generate a positive return on investment. Print advertising opportunities can also be bundled with online placements, direct mail or email exposure and often editorial coverage. Ask for special bundled incentives whenever possible.

Free Trial Offers

Most advertising services will offer some type of free trial offer to test-drive their service. Be sure to take advantage of any free trials offered before signing up. Many of the new advertising tools are so different that you may not fully understand how they work or can help your business until you sign up for a trial and explore all the features.

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