5 Creative Ways to Make Your Office Simpler to Manage

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marketing plan templateHow to make your growing small business office simpler to organize and manage to improve your business productivity

The more people you have in your office, the more distracting it will become. Due to the fact that its main purpose and measurement of effectiveness is productivity, this will be quite the problem. Moreover, an inefficient office tends to cost more in terms of maintenance and downtime, which can also be avoided provided that you employ the right tools and practices.

With that in mind, here are five creative ways to make your office simpler to manage.

1. Routines save time and money

The first thing you should understand is the fact that routines save both time and money. This is due to the fact that they’re easy to schedule and, after a while, these tasks are performed, more or less, automatically. Sure, they can become boring and repetitive, after a while, yet, if you organize this properly, it won’t be nearly as exhausting for your staff. The more comfortable your staff feels the more productive they tend to be and routines are all about creating comfort.

2. Be clear about everyone’s responsibilities

The most common source of problems and commotion around the office is related to the task of the delegation of work. A minor problem occurs and it remains unsolved for a prolonged period of time just because no one in your employ sees it as their personal problem or responsibility. This is why you need to be strict, specific but also fair in your delegation of tasks. The problem with this lies in the fact that you can’t foretell all potential issues around the office but with enough careful planning, a lot can be achieved.

3. Outsource whatever you can

The next method for simplifying your office management efforts is to outsource these tasks to someone else. The first two tasks that you should outsource are cleaning and maintenance of office equipment. You need your staff to focus on crucial, money-making tasks like manufacturing, sales and providing vital services. However, who you outsource your maintenance to may make a huge difference further down the line.

For these services that need to be tended to, on premises, it’s important that you find a local service. For instance, a Victoria-based office needs to look for agencies dealing in Mac repairs in Melbourne, instead of further expanding their search.

4. Keep records of everything

Nowadays, you have the privilege of keeping records of events, costs and performances in a digital format. This means that A) you no longer need to worry that much about the storage space and B) you’ll have a lot simpler mechanic to find what you’re looking for than you did before. This can help you organize much better the next time you need to engage in a similar project.

For instance, if you move your office and you note down all the tasks and expenses, the next time you have to relocate you’ll be able to make a much better plan.

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5. Announce your schedule in advance

Finally, you need to be fair towards your staff by publishing your schedule as soon as possible. You see, there are some tasks that your staff will have to prepare for ahead of time, so giving them a last minute notice is definitely not fair. Also, you need to understand that the lives of your employees don’t necessarily revolve around work and that these schedules may interfere with their private life.

For instance, some of your staff members may have intentions to take a couple of days off in a period where their team needs them the most. Such occurrences aren’t that hard to manage but in order for this to be so, everyone needs to be aware of this ahead of time.


The very best thing about this task lies in a fact that you’re never really in that much of a rush. After all, you get to plan this several days or weeks before actually executing it, which means that you can always enhance your plan with a brilliant last-minute idea or concept. Still, as we suggested in the title, the simpler you keep this plan, the better.

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