5 Indisputable Reasons You Need to Ensure You Look at Audience Insights

audience insights

If you think that an audience-centred approach is not the way to go, we are here to prove you wrong. Audience insights are an important part of boosting brand awareness, so do not miss out by not investing into audience insights.

Here are 5 indisputable reasons why you should look at audience insights:

Social media has become a holy grail for businesses 

Do not underestimate the power of social media, particularly in terms of marketing for businesses. Social media can be utilised to enhance brand awareness and brand recognition, and it is an excellent avenue for businesses to build relationships with their customers. Gaining audience insights on social media is an ideal way to ensure that your social media strategy is maximised to its full potential. Whilst most brands use Instagram, Twitter, and even TikTok, other platforms such as LinkedIn may also be beneficial depending on your brand – so do not overlook them. 

You should understand your audience

How else will you better know how to sell your products or services to your audience if you do not even understand your audience to begin with? With an audience insights tool, you can understand and get to know your audience across multiple platforms, enabling you to know their consumer behaviour and how you can utilise this information to guide your business into selling its commodities more effectively. 

Set yourself apart from the competition

With audience insights, you are able to discover key segments within your audience and what can drive their purchasing decisions. With this knowledge, you can tailor your marketing and advertising efforts accordingly, with campaigns that are suited to your specific target audience. This type of approach would do well against your competitors who may not have the same advantage! Regardless of if they did have a similar approach, you would then need to find ways to make it known that you are unique compared to your competitors selling the same product or services.

It helps with optimisation

Knowing what your audience uses means you know what to optimise – for example, if your audience are mostly on mobile or tablet devices, then you should optimise your website for mobile and tablet devices! Did you know that your ranking on search engines (cough, Google) may also suffer if you have a website that is not optimised for mobile? Therefore, it is worth investing time in making sure that your website is mobile-friendly as well. 

Consumers are still humans in the end

At the very forefront of audience insights, is the audience-first concept. It is an audience-centred approach that focuses on the customer and the customer’s success – this is something that brands tend to ignore nowadays, going for a generic message that only appeals to the generic audience. However, audience insights look at the audience as they are – humans who simply consume, with their own unmet needs and desires, that can be fulfilled and satisfied by brands (should brands look at the insights). Audience insights empowers you to see audiences as more than numbers and demographics, which in turn can help you adapt your marketing strategies to centre around customer success.

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