5 Tips for Attracting Customers to Your Grand Opening

grand opening

marketing planHow to make a big splash and attract more customers to your new business grand opening launch event

When it comes to opening a new business, first impressions are essential. A grand opening is a great way to debut your business. It will not only attract new customers but will also generate buzz from word of mouth. You want to attract attention to your business to make the grand opening an anticipated event, making potential customers interested in your business before it even opens.

Identify Your Market

A grand opening is more than attracting people, it’s about attracting customers that will give you repeat business, otherwise, you’ve had one big event and the buzz will die down thereafter. Reaching the desired clientele can help you craft and advertise your grand opening. Depending on the age group and the interests of the people you are trying to attract, you can market your opening in a creative way that fits within those areas of interest.

Create an Impressive Online Presence

Gone are the days where having a website or social media platforms makes a business stand apart from a crowd. These days, those are essential tools to help get word of your business out there. But with around 1.8 billion websites operating around the world, your power comes from standing apart from the rest. Creating an interesting website and boosting that with social media can be a great asset in drawing customers to attend your grand opening.

Be Your Own Self-Promotor

When it comes to a grand opening, you want it to be just that, grand. Creating a buzz on your website and social media platforms leading up to your grand opening can be a great way to draw in a large crowd. By offering promotions, teasers, and information about your upcoming event, it becomes more than an opening of a new business, it becomes something that your client base will be excited about.

Using your social media platforms also gives you the option of extending your reach. For example, rather than just attracting people who may have discovered your page through word of mouth or from a flyer, you can reach a larger number of people in your intended client base through targeted paid advertisements and hashtags. While it might seem trivial, targeted advertising allows you to reach the crowd you want within a certain mile radius.

Identify Niche Markets

If your business is focused on one market, it shouldn’t be. Consider placing information about your grand opening in places where your services or goods could come into use. Take, for example, if you run a retreat or a spa, you can cater to couples. With between 40% and 50% of marriages ending in divorce in the United States, advertising your products or services as relationship rekindlers can reach a niche market that you may have overlooked.

Set the Space

It isn’t just your online presence and targeted markets that you want to stand out at a grand opening, you want the space to create interest as well. Rather than attending a drab opening in a poorly lit department store, people. When they enter your business they want to feel like they are immersed in your idea. A great way to add a little extra flair to your grand opening is through interior decorating. Purchasing some pieces of nice furniture can be a great investment, as these pieces can often last for up to 15 years. It makes the mood more welcoming and purchasing high-end furniture will give you an average of seven years of use. Small decorations that are placed around your store can draw peoples’ eyes to your product and can always be repurposed.

Above all, you want to make a statement at your grand opening, one that will keep it at the forefront of people’s minds. That is how you gain and maintain a loyal client base.

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