5 Tips for Marketing Your Dental Practice to Kids

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Marketing your dental practice to kids can help you to gain more patients and reduce your attrition rate. These five marketing tips can help you to get the attention of kids and their parents, and help your dental practice succeed.

marketing planWhy Market to Kids?

Parents will generally put their child’s oral health care before their own. About one out of four adults over 20 have untreated cavities. For every child patient you take on, you could reduce that statistic. Children have many years of necessary dental care ahead of them, which can reduce your attrition rate.

Children are more susceptible to changing their habits based on a dentist’s advice than adults. You can make a profound difference by marketing to and treating children. A child is generally accepted as someone under 18 unless you are in Texas. Under Texas Law, there are different definitions; for example, a ‘juvenile’ is a child ten years or older yet under 17. In any case, definitions aside, you should be marketing to children across all demographics. Check out the tips below.

1. Go Where The Kids Are

Get involved in the community. Rent booth space at community fairs. Attend healthcare events in the community. Get your practice out there. Get involved in charity events, walk for a cause, and donate to school fundraisers. Make your practice’s presence known in the community. Parents and children alike will remember that your practice is part of the community and wants to support the community.

2. Have an Open House

Invite parents and kids to come and visit your practice. Host tours and answer questions about your practice. Kids love an inside look at how things work. It can also help those children that struggle with dentist fears to feel more confident about going to the dentist. Invite schools to have a field day at your office so you can talk about dental care and show them the tools that dentists use. Opening up yourself and your practice to the community is a great way to market to the community.

3. Buy Back Halloween Candy

A fun marketing tip is to host a Halloween candy buy-back day. Set November 1st aside to buy back candy from kids in the area. Set a per pound price, and invite kids to take advantage of earning some cash instead of eating the sugary treats they collect. It is a great way to spread the word about your practice and attract kids and parents.

4. Offer Discounts and Specials During School Breaks

Offer specials on preventive treatments for kids during school breaks and back-to-school times. These are the most convenient times for parents to make appointments for their kids. You could hold a drawing for a backpack chockful of supplies. You could also pack take-home kits with merch with your logo on pencils, pens, and notebooks.

5. Host Patient Appreciation Days

Choose a theme and host a party for your current patients. Fostering loyalty among patients is important to reduce attrition rates. Of course, once the word gets out that you appreciate your patients, it will draw in new patients. Marketing can be fun. Is there anything better than seeing a kid smile and knowing you helped them have a great smile?

Marketing your dental practice to kids is a great way to drive business and help as many kids as possible. Making your office feel safe, warm, and inviting is a great way to market to kids. When redesigning your space, remember that windows and doors account for up to 30% of heat losses. Be sure to insulate your office to keep it cozy and relaxing.

You can do your part by marketing your practice to kids. Consider following these tips. Reach out for professional marketing support to learn more tips.

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