6 Ways to Get Active with Your Email Subscriber List

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Email marketing is a fantastic way to keep customers engaged and up to date with your business. When I talk to business owners about how they maintain communication with their consumers, email sparingly comes to the top of the list. “It goes straight to spam,” or “no one ever opens it up,” is the assumptious fate of them, and many feel that it’s a method of communication that’s becoming obsolete.

When done strategically and thoughtfully, email marketing can turn into concrete sales, increased brand awareness, and stronger customer relationships for little investment. It should be a priority to a business to be active and consistently seeking new channels to increase the list.

Here are 6 great tips on how to get your A game on with your email subscribers.

1. Offer Awesome Email Content

The emails that are worthy of a consumer’s time to open up are the ones that offer relevant information. This means that a business can’t solely send out sales and promotions that are currently happening and expect high response rates. What’s beyond that? Why are your customers shopping with you? It’s great to expand the email borders to encompass their interests.

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For example, I look forward to receiving my weekly digest from Invision. They offer an easily digestible, great selection of content ranging from webinars, industry updates, and links to relevant articles around the web. The return on this? It’s great repertoire because it positions your business as trustworthy and knowledgeable in the industry.

2. Simple Encouragement

So now that you’re offering awesome emails that make consumers engaged in your content, nudge it a little further by adding social sharing links.

Everyone likes to be the source of interesting stories, and if all it takes is a click of a button to share on Facebook, or email to another friend, it’s a win-win for all. This can lead to finding new subscribers, reaching an audience further than imagined, and increases buzz around the brand. A little linking can go a long way.

3. Contests

There are many resources to choose from when hosting a contest on social media platforms.

Companies like FanAppz, Strutta, OneKontest and WooBox are social media apps that help you run contests. Regardless what app is chosen, the best contests to increase email subscribers are the ones that require an email address as an entry to join the excitement.

Some inside tricks to maximize the most signups include:

  • Offering multiple prizes so consumers can have a better chance of winning.
  • Offer an exclusive opportunity to make the moment extra special.
  • Partnering up with another company to pull their audience in.

4. Create a Free Online Tool That Requires an Email for Download

Is it a podcast or webinar? A checklist? A guideline? An e-book?

Offering helpful, insightful resources that are also free (ding, ding!) weigh significantly to customers. Because they have nothing to lose and all to gain, giving up email address is no problem to them. It’s a quick way to increase subscribers, grow brand recognition, and varying content to your consumers.

5. Make Subscribing Easy

Always direct consumers where to go to sign up and make it easy. Utilizing Facebook’s Call-to-Action button on a business page is a powerful tool that drives consumers to important focuses of your business.

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Another way to gather email subscribers is to offer it in multiple areas across multiple platforms. Have a link on your homepage, the company blog, the events calendar, Facebook, etc., are all great avenues to utilize. Ultimately, consumers don’t have to look for where to sign up when they are interested.

6. Incentivize

In my past experience as a community outreach marketing specialist, I would carry a prize wheel to on-site events with only one request: Put down an email address for a spin. The idea of winning something absolutely for free triggers an endorphin kick that makes it oh-so hard to turn away. At the end of these events, I would walk away with hundreds and hundreds of new email leads. It’s a quick and fast way to grow your list. The results are similar in the digital world as well. Offering simple coupons, discounts, and freebies are automatic, “why not” opportunities for consumers to enter an email address.

Let’s Get Email Active

Email marketing is an easy and highly effective method to maintain relationships with customers. But there are a few tricks to keep those emails away from the automatic spam folder. Offer relevant, varying content, encourage sharing, create excitement through incentives and contests, and make it an in-your-face opportunity to sign up.

Sticking to these key points will garner higher rates of opened emails, active and engaged users, and the continued success of a business.

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Editorial Staff

This article was written by SBMarketingTools.com editorial staff.