6 Ways You Can Effectively Manage Your Employees

manage employees

marketing planHow you can effectively manage employees to ensure they do their best work, communicate well and remain productive for your business

When you own a small business, managing your employees might be the most challenging thing you do. It’s not enough for you to give your 100%. Your employees have to do their best work as well, and they won’t be motivated to do that without great management.

Here are some ways you can effectively manage your employees.

1. Always Tell the Truth

Former DaVita’s executive CEO Kent Thiry stresses that people need honest feedback given in a tactful way if they are to grow and improve on the job. If you share only strengths with your employees, they get an inflated sense of self and won’t grow. If you criticize too much, they’ll get discouraged and give up.  It’s crucial to give your employees balanced feedback. Always tell the truth, but do so with grace.

2. Encourage Your Employees To Tell the Truth

Honest communication needs to work both ways. When your employees give you feedback, listen and don’t discourage them from speaking out. Workers who can’t voice their frustrations become bitter and angry. Plus, that honesty provides you with vital information that helps your company grow, so be sure and listen.

3. Reward Your Employees When They Work Hard

Reward those employees who do stellar work. It’s a great way to keep your team motivated. Offer bonuses and swag. Or offer your workers a gift card or bring them breakfast. Put their name on a plaque for the other employees to see. Being recognized and rewarded motivates your employees to work harder and do better.

4. Do the Best Work You Can

While you’re motivating your staff to do better, make sure you’re the hardest worker on your team. When your employees know you’re grinding away, it spurs them to do their best as well.

Stop thinking of failure as a moral weakness. It’s important to be aware of your strengths and weaknesses as a manager. See your mistakes as opportunities to grow. By learning from your errors, your employees can learn as well and improve along with you.

5. Hire the Best People for the Job

Without the right people on the job, your company won’t perform as well, and your team motivation suffers. Take time to properly vet your prospective employees. Make sure you understand a potential employee’s work style. Find out if that employee is capable of handling the workload.

Spend a day working with prospective employees to make sure they’re a good fit with your company and your goals for your business.

6. Spell Out Objectives

Set objectives for your staff along with a realistic date they can accomplish those tasks. Make sure your objectives are clear and easy to understand. The results should be easy to measure and verify as well. It’s a method successful businessmen use to accomplish big goals in a short amount of time. If it works for them, it will work for you.

Managing your employees successfully isn’t easy, but if you’re willing to work hard and communicate effectively, you’ll find that the people you hire can do amazing things.

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