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Recommended Branding & Graphics Books


Branding Basics for Small Business: How to Create an Irresistible Brand on Any Budget by Maria Ross

branding basics booksFROM THE AUTHOR: In Branding Basics for Small Business, marketing expert Maria Ross uses real-life examples to show how organizations of any size can create a winning brand to stand out, delight, and connect with their audiences. This book reveals a ten-step process to create a strong Brand Strategy so you can craft messages to connect with the right customers, make smart marketing decisions and save money, inspire customer loyalty, share a clear vision with partners and employees, and break away from the pack and grow your business.

Where to Buy: Available in Paperback and Kindle on Amazon


Branding Your Business: Promote Your Business, Attract Customers and Build Your Brand Through the Power of Emotion (Business Success) by James Hammond

branding your business bookFROM THE AUTHOR: A successful business must create a memorable brand and fix it in the consumer’s mind. Branding Your Business helps entrepreneurs do this by explaining the whole branding process in easy-to-follow terms, photos and illustrations. Providing practical help instead of academic theories, it explains what a brand is and what it is not, how to conduct a “DIY” brand audit, and how to use marketing communication and psychological principles to make an impact.

Where to Buy: Available in Paperback and Kindle on Amazon


Smarter Branding Without Breaking the Bank by Brenda Bence

smarter branding bookFROM THE AUTHOR: You already have the resources you need to build a powerhouse brand. If you believe you lack the money, people, time, or ideas to create a thriving brand, think again. In fact, you already have five powerful marketing resources you can use right now to get big-brand results at low cost or no cost at all. Step One: Shift your mindset. International branding expert Brenda Bence has created the ultimate guide to branding on a tight budget. Create a permanent marketing mindset for you and your team. Walk away with hundreds of low-cost or no-cost ideas to catapult your brand and increase your revenues-starting today.

Where to Buy: Available in Paperback on Amazon