Creating the Perfect Ad for Google

create perfect Google adHow to create a good Google ad program that attracts targeted customers and produces results

Google is one of the top search engines on the internet, but it is making changes to its homepage. While the design maintains the simplicity that Google always provided, the changes relate to the ability to put advertisements on the popular web site. As Google makes changes that allow advertising, it is likely to drive more traffic to websites striving to bring in more online clients.

Preparing for More Traffic

Placing an excellent ad on Google will result in more traffic to the website. As a result, it might be necessary to prepare better email marketing and transactional emails for new clients. Email marketing will help keep new clients up-to-date with the latest services and will ensure that any new customers will be able to get answers to questions quickly. Transactional emails will allow you to grow your business through sales and revenue.

Customer service is a key part of maintaining the clients who buy after the Google ads reach them. Without a strong email service, it is easy to lose customers who are not getting answers within a reasonable amount of time. Business owners need to prepare for increased traffic after attracting customers by moving up the Google ranks.

Creating a Great Ad

Online marketing solutions are not always easy to manage because creating the appropriate ads and ensuring they appear on appropriate web sites can be difficult. According to John Jantsch on, a key to creating great online advertisements is making use of images. Adding an image to an ad created something that grabs the attention of potential customers and encourages them to click on the ad to find out more information.

Pictures are attention grabbing and so is using Google’s method of creating an animation. Advertisements that show a picture or an animation are more likely to interest consumers looking into a particular service through Google’s browser. Beyond creating ads that have images, it is important to consider the negative keywords. According to, negative keywords are used with Google’s Pay-Per-Click advertising service to help save money. Google allows business owners to put in keywords that are not relevant to services provided, such as putting in the word free when the company does not offer any free services or products.

Key Words

By making use of negative keywords, it’s possible to refine the Google ads so customers can easily find a service or product the online company sells. The more refined key words a business owner provides over time, the better the results he or she will have reaching the target audience, which is key to business growth.

Creating the perfect Google ad requires work. It is about understanding how Google’s ad program works, taking advantage of the tools that evaluate the ad and putting more images to draw the eye of potential clients. With the appropriate tools, it is possible to create a great ad that brings in more online business.


By Guest Contributor – Cherie Gorden worked for several investment companies throughout college and now does freelance and editing for several financial blogs and forums.

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