Startup Grows Business with Facebook Advertising

ecoflower facebook advertisingTargeted Facebook advertising boost sales and customer acquisition to help jumpstart new business

As an entrepreneur or small business startup, getting your new product or service in front of the right people (you know, people that want to buy from you) can be quite a challenge. Even if you have a really unique product or service, that targeted exposure is really critical to jumpstart your sales and grow your business quickly.

Recently I learned about Eco Flower – a really cool startup based in Ogden Utah that uses recycled materials to create amazingly beautiful bouquets and accessories that you’ll want to hold onto forever (and you can!). They also seem to be defying the odds as a new business by growing their business fast… really fast!

In less than a year, the company has experienced phenomenal growth in sales and brand exposure.

So how did they grow their startup so quickly?? In a word: Facebook.

While it is true that Facebook for business pages have lost some of their initial social media steam due to limitations on organic posts (newsflash: fans of your page don’t see *most* of your regular posts anymore), Facebook has morphed into a really powerful advertising tool for businesses.

Eco Flower has been able to tap into Facebook as an advertising tool to help them drive online sales, growth their startup brand and gain valuable repeat customers.

I asked Eco Flower co-founder Alex Ledoux to share how they were able to use Facebook advertising so successfully.

Tell us about how your business initially got started?

Alex: The idea of the business really got started by my business partner, Meagan Chapman. She loved receiving flowers, but hated the fact that they would die just a few days later. She thought that there had to be a better option, and she created Eco Flower as the solution to her problem.

Why do your customers love your product/service?

Alex: Our customers love our flowers because they last forever, they’re made from recycled and sustainable materials, and they’re uniquely scented with fragrances like Black Raspberry Vanilla, Egyptian Lavender or Japanese Cherry Blossom.

Facebook boost ad eco flowerHow are you using Facebook as an advertising tool?

Alex: Facebook has been a crucial part of our advertising efforts. It’s demographics capability are unparalleled to any other platform. We use Facebook as a core way to acquire new customers.

Do you use Facebook to place targeted ads, boost posts or both?

Alex: Our Facebook efforts consist of both targeted ads and promoted posts. We’ve found the combination of both is what works best for us.

What type of response have you been getting from your Facebook ad program?

Alex: The response to our Facebook ad program has been very positive. We’re always making adjustments to further improve the effectiveness of our efforts.

Has it had a big impact on your business?

Alex: Absolutely! As I mentioned above, it’s a core way of acquiring new customers. Plus, it’s a wonderful way to interact with our customer base, and really create a personal connection with them.

Eco Flower Facebook ad salesAre you planning to change anything about your product offering or how you do business based on feedback / performance from social media advertising?

Alex: Most definitely. Customer feedback is the best marketing tool we have. We’ve constantly made adjustments based on feedback and ideas that we get through our Facebook efforts. We’ve even created new product ideas because of them!

A specific example would be: We got a ton of feedback regarding the size offerings of our bouquets. From that, we now offer Small, Medium, and Large bouquets. This is just one example of many changes that have been prompted from customer feedback!

What would be your advice for other small businesses looking to grow with social media advertising?

Alex: Patience, and testing. Yes, it can take time and money to see a positive ROI on Facebook. In the same sense, it’s more than just that. You need to be constantly testing/adjusting your efforts, and seeing what works best for you. When you first start a business, you really don’t know who your target customer is. You have an idea, but you really don’t know. Facebook advertising can be a great way of both finding and acquiring your target customer.

What’s next for your business in terms of targeted, social media ads?

Alex: Further testing, further testing, further testing. Facebook ads are a great tool for us, but we can always make our efforts better. With further testing, we can continue to improve our click through rate, our cost per click, and ultimately, our number of conversions.

Do you have any best practices to share on conversion of customers from Facebook ads… and how you gain repeat customers from the initial ad (i.e. get them to like your page, sign up for newsletter, etc?)

Alex: We run re-targeting ads for the customers that do visit our website. This serves as a great way to pull them back in for another purchase. We also prompt them to signup for our weekly newsletter upon completing their purchase on our website. Lastly, we run giveaways to help increase the amount of likes on our page.

ecoflower facebook advertisingExpect to see much more from Eco Flower on Facebook going forward, as it has proven to be a valuable advertising tool to boost business.

You can check out the amazing collection of eco-friendly flowers at

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