Google Offers Makes It Easy to Share Online Deals

Google offers online dealsHow to use Google Offers to generate local coupons, discounts and special deals for your business

The motto of the Internet should be, “Information is good but money is better.” The Internet was initially designed as a useful source of free data accessible to anyone, anytime, and anywhere. But soon, people figured out how to make money off of it.

Today, the Web’s information value goes hand-in-hand with its commercial value. Frugal users are also always interested in saving money on their online purchases, or even better, spending nothing. That’s why there’s so many sites offering discount codes, passwords, or freebies, and why enterprises like Groupon and Living Social have sprung up.

How Google Offers Works

In 2011, Google entered the coupon/discount/offer arena with a product called Google Offers. With this, businesses can create and share discounts with any group they specify. Customers only need to pull up the main Offers page to see deals available in their hometowns. Then, just pull up the screen on your smartphone at the participating business and redeem the deal instantly.

To get started, consumers can head to, or the Google Now app, which can lets them know about businesses and deals nearby. They see coupons from nearby businesses then click the ad for more details about the deal. Once they click “Get offer,” it’s saved. You’ll also receive an email reminding you of saved Offers.

If you’re ready to offer a product or service and bring more people to your business, visit to learn about the features, including:

  • Tracking who looks at and redeems your deal.
  • Controlling where your message is sent.
  • The ability to send your message across various Google platforms including Google Plus, Search, Wallet and Maps.

You need a Google manager account to proceed, and a Places for Business location. The site claims that the smaller your business, the faster you can create your first offer, although it takes a few hours to actually launch the offer. When your offer is created, all customers need to do is come to your business, show you the offer on their mobile devices, and you apply the discount at the register.

So far, there’s no cost for businesses to join the Offers program; the entire service is considered a free trial.

Maximizing the Effectiveness of Google Offers

Google Offers can easily become part of your company’s marketing strategy, especially if you combine it with a Google AdWords campaign. Normally, people can see and click your ad while searching. But if you add Google Offers, searchers can now see your deals show up while they’re searching instead of just your keywords.

With Google AdWords, you can either pay before your ads/offers go out based on expected interest, or afterward, based on how many people actually clicked. Billing is typically done through a credit card or Google credit line. Small businesses owners who use American Express cards to arrange their billing can even find they get cash back on the deal.

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