How to Market Your Dental Practice & Attract More Patients in 2021

marketing plan templateThe pandemic has changed how dentists may need to connect with consumers and alter their dental marketing to attract new clients to their practice

In the last 100 years, the world has experienced its share of pandemics, but none beats the Coronavirus. From businesses shutting down to families losing their loved ones, Covid-19 has undoubtedly changed the world’s outlook on life. Professions such as dental care have been hit especially hard, given the mode of Covid-19 transmission that relies on respiratory droplets, a factor that makes this profession prone to increased infections.

Now more than ever, dental practices need to attract new clients and get former clients back into the office. To help with that, here are 3 crucial dental marketing tips to consider utilizing.

Keep your Social Media Current

With the increased use of social media for personal and business activities, it is no wonder 90% of consumers use various social media outlets to reach out to businesses for different inquiries. This means that keeping your social media current is an essential part of attracting clients.

For starters, try posting relevant content on your Facebook or Instagram posts. These can include the latest new patient offers, how-to videos on oral hygiene practices, or your staff’s posts participating in trending challenges. Customers love associating with businesses that are in touch with their interests, including simple everyday fun activities.

If, however, you struggle to keep your social media current, consider utilizing the services of experts like social media marketing agents. They can help you pick out monthly blog topics and even write blogs for you. Make it a point to include both visual and audio content with infographics, pictures, and videos.

Stay on top of SEO

Clients prefer fast and visible content. Being on the first page of Google is key, as less than 1% of Google searchers click on business results that appear on the 2nd page. Maintaining visibility requires the use of SEO, which often relies on the following attributes:

    • Relevant Keywords: The keywords that you use in your posts should reflect your business to ensure that your clients can find your dental practice with ease. When clients need a particular dental service, they will likely focus on specific keywords. These can include local search terms, such as braces services in ‘X’ location or dental services near me. Focus on these keywords and use them in your marketing strategies.
    • Relevant Content: Content is another crucial part of SEO and will determine how well you attract and engage with your clients. Here, aim at answering questions that your clients are interested in. These can include the cost of your services, the duration of certain operations, and the requirements for appointments. Sticking to such content allows you to practice basic marketing techniques, allowing you to get the most out of your posts.

Website Design is Key

According to 2020 reports, approximately 201,117 dentists also work in your area of expertise, meaning certain areas of your practice, such as your website, need to stand out from this pool of competitors. For easy access to your dental offices, optimize your website design to allow new clients to get information with ease. Current clients should be able to view updates for fast communication. Be sure your website design is optimized for mobile users, as mobile accounts for around half of all website traffic globally.

Make it a point to prioritize aspects such as services offered, contact information, and testimonials. As a rule of thumb, services should always be located at the top of your website as it allows your clients to peruse them on short notice quickly. For contact information, make it a point to include your name, location, and phone numbers on each website page. On the other hand, testimonials make for a good marketing tool and help build trust in your new clients. Testimonials can also go hand in hand with reviews, with numerous sites such as Yelp and being good avenues for this.

In addition, you can utilize an information guide explaining how your practice operates. Here, consider outlining your pricing for the services offered and the various processes that go with each procedure. Last on your website should be an FAQ section to tackle the most asked queries by patients. This will allow you to reduce lengthy consultations, helping prioritize your call sessions for appointments.

Bottom Line

While getting back to normalcy will certainly take time, these dental marketing tips will go a long way in helping you achieve a smooth and easy transition period. Consider integrating them simultaneously to achieve higher visibility among your clients and growth for the long term.

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Valerie M.

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