Is Customer Service the Forgotten Marketing Channel? [INFOGRAPHIC]

customer service marketing

marketing plan templateCustomer service marketing opportunities and best practices that will help you attract and retain customers

As a business you work hard to attract customers. You may even spend a lot of marketing dollars to generate valuable leads that convert into sales. So once you got them, you certainly want to keep them.

Good customer service is not only necessary, it is expected. Some businesses are so well known for their high level customer service that it is their customer service reputation that actually helps them get business in the first place. And many customers are even willing to pay a premium to do business with them because they know customer service will be top notch.

What are the consequences for a bad customer experience? It takes 12 good customer service responses to make up for just 1 negative customer service experience.

Take the time to provide good customer experiences and you’ll be paid back handsomely… and it will actually help your marketing efforts in terms of:

  • positive online reviews
  • testimonials
  • new business referrals

Check out the below infographic, courtesy of SalesForce Canada, for stats and ideas on the valuable opportunities good customer service practices can provide you in your marketing efforts.

Customer Service: The Forgotten Marketing Channel
Via Salesforce

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    1. Thanks for your comment Martin. Although SalesForce did not list themselves specifically as a customer service marketing channel they likely produced this infographic because they want to be seen as more of a tool businesses can use to enhance their customer service and marketing efforts. That is typically why brands sponsor content like this infographic. And as a tool that helps you manage your customer database (both existing & prospects) I can see how it benefits the effort.

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