Manage Your Projects Off-site and On: 4 Apps to Complete Projects Quickly

project management appsProject management apps to help your small business team manage stay on track

Organizing teams, strategies, ideas, concepts, meetings and communication can be a lot to manage. Most project managers rely on software programs to sort the data they have in every area of the project and to plan the phases of the project’s development, but what do they do when they are on the road and you need access to their work?

There are project management apps available that can help you and your team to stay connected and never miss a beat.’s Ahmed Gabr recommends several apps that can be easily downloaded to your smartphone or tablet at an affordable price and they’re excellent for managing start-ups and small businesses.

Here are four project management apps that can help your projects stay on track.


The XPlan app — for iPhone, iPad and Mac compatible only — offers project managers the ability to use Gantt charts to organize the phases of their projects. The Gantt Chart feature should appeal to old school project managers who are familiar with drawing out their plans on a linear timeline, rather than entering data and processing it through a resource management program that sets time lines for them. The price is  $50, but if you want to use an app that will allow you to be more “hands on,” let you import info from iCloud and send XML and PDF reports, then this is the app for you.

Pivotal Tracker

Mostly used by programmers and web developers, this web-based app is perfect for iOS users who have several team members working on one project. Each team member can check in and work simultaneously. For as little as $7 per month, three collaborators can work on five projects and have one GB of storage space. For $50 per month you can have unlimited project space and many more perks, like priority email support.


This web-based app is compatible with Google Apps and has an interface that works with most mobile devices. This app is great for managing communication and has mail-conferencing features included. Manage your project budget, link details to QuickBooks and track your project’s expenses, and invoicing for $19 per month or try it out for a 30 day free trial.


This app “does” a lot to help you “do” everything that needs to be “done” to complete your project. Compatible with iPhone and Android phones, Do is made by and works in tandem with Salesforce, a popular sales CRM. This app is a favorite since it also offers a free version and other affordable options that allow you to share task lists, schedule meetings and reminders, and share ideas with team members and more.

Get your projects off the ground and running, even if you’re flying to a conference on the other side of the planet. These apps will help you make it happen, one download at a time.

By Guest Contributor: Brittany Evans – As a strong supporter of cloud computing in the workplace, Brittany advises all businesses to embrace a future with the cloud.

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