Perfecting the Art of Pay Per Call Ads Using Facebook

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marketing plan3 ways to create successful click-to-call campaigns with Facebook Pay Per Call (PPC) ads to get the phone ringing for your small business

With two billion active monthly users as of June 2017, Facebook is clearly the preeminent social media network for reaching the masses with your branded messaging. That is why five million advertisers representing businesses both large and small currently utilize the platform for this purpose, taking advantage of its tools such as audience targeting, a mobile design studio and online courses to help get started.

Social media is especially well-suited for Pay Per Call marketing efforts, so organizations that rely on inbound connections from consumers will find it beneficial to familiarize themselves with PPC best practices.

Here we have broken down some of the most important things you need to know to launch a successful click-to-call campaign on Facebook:

1-Homing in on location

One of the greatest advantages to a social media marketing program is its unprecedented ability to create local awareness on a hyper focused level. You can do this directly from your brand’s Facebook page by choosing to advertise and then determining the specific group you want to reach.

There are four major types of targeting you can select from:

  • Everyone in This Location  

The default option when building ads, this allows you reach people who are in a specific place, including not only those who list it as their current city within their profile, but also Facebook users who are determined to be there by using device and connection information. This can be ideal for advertisers promoting events like concerts, games and fairs.

  • People Who Live in This Location

This option will enable you to reach people who have stated where they live in their Facebook profiles, information that is validated by connection and device info. Ads of this nature are great if your company is offering products for home owners/renters or similar location-specific services.

  • People Recently in This Location

This option targets both people who live in a location as well as those who may have been visiting there. This can allow you to advertise time-sensitive sales for Facebook users who may be passing through the area.

  • People Traveling in This Location

This option will include people who are in a selected area based on device and connection information which shows they are more than 125 miles from their home. Such ads are great for marketing hotels, restaurants, tourist attractions and travel services like car rentals.

Once you have made your targeting selection and then set a budget, Facebook will give you two options to choose from: “Call Now” or “Get Directions.” Clearly, for the purposes of enjoying the benefits of Pay Per Call advertising, we advocate choosing the former.

2-Making your phone ring

PPC FacebookSelecting the “Call Now” option is like adding click-to-call buttons on traditional mobile advertising campaigns in that they will enable consumers to immediately connect with your business to learn more about what you are offering.

By including this in your ads, you make it easy for them to reach out without having to write down a phone number. Instead, their cell phone will automatically dial, removing that extra step from the process and putting them closer to buying your products or services.

The key here is ensuring that you have staff on hand to take the calls or at least an answering service to capture their information so that you do not lose these leads.

3-Tracking and optimizing your campaign’s progress

Another advantage of using Facebook to advertise is that the platform has its own analytics built right in. Information like campaign status, how much money you’ve spent and your daily budget can all be viewed directly from your brand’s page. You will also see crucial stats about the number of people you have reached, how many local impressions your messaging has received and how many clicks your “Call Now” button has generated.

These results will indicate just how well your Pay Per Call campaign is working, allowing you to make tweaks to the content of your ads to improve engagement. The better you become at pairing the right words and images to entice clicks, the more your phone will ring and the higher the ROI will be on you Facebook marketing campaign.

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