Pros and Cons of Using Presentation Software

presentation software

marketing planPresenters need to understand that every type of presentation software, and how you use them,  has its own unique pros and cons

Software presentations have continued to become a norm, especially in academic and business environments. They assist speakers in planning their presentations effectively. In particular, when one presents their speech, they support them using computer graphics or slideshows. However, using presentation software is associated with several pros and cons, as highlighted below.

Merits of Presentation Software

Easier to customize

Presentation software can provide you with full control over the appearance of your slides. In particular, you will have the freedom to customize your presentation using your designs. Since it is easier for you to test and modify the different elements provided by the software, you can easily design a captivating presentation. You can also get already integrated templates in the software to assist you in creating a visually appealing presentation or a nice and quick design, Pitch is an excellent option for business.

Further, some software such as PowerPoint can offer you design ideas with elements and images you can include on your slides. Notably, you can even customize the slides to develop a master slide to assist you in setting the images, fonts, and other preferences for other slides.

Efficient organization and planning

One of the benefits of software presentation is that you should program and plan your speech as a presenter. That means you need to organize the slides, establish text content and add visual elements, including graphics and charts. Due to that, software presentations have become easier to follow than using notes or memorizing presentations. Also, ordering slides on presentation software can encourage the speaker to remain on the topic, since they keep them on track.

Further, incorporating audio, film, and professional images and charts into a presentation can aid the audience in understating the topic and remembering the content. If you have a factual and well-designed presentation, the visual elements can enhance your credibility with the audience.

Cross-platform availability

When using web-based presentation software such as Google Slides, you might be surprised that you can use it on different platforms. For instance, if you are using Mac and want to move to Windows or Android, you can easily achieve that. Apart from that, you will not have to worry about exporting or importing your information from one format to another.

Export in different formats

Using software presentation can enable you to export your documents in different formats. For instance, you can save your presentations in PDF to minimize their size. If needed, you can additionally reduce PDF size as well. You can also export videos as MP3 or MP4. Further, other platforms offer a specific option of saving your files as Animated gifs. When using images, you can save your slide with an extension of .jpg or png.

Demerits of Software for Presentations

Malfunctioning of presentations

Most people who use computers to design presentations have experienced a situation where their presentation file or computer malfunctions. However, only accomplished speakers manage to recover easily from such errors. Some presenters even become frustrated and embarrassed and do not regain their composure fully for the rest of their presentation. As a consequence, they might appear to be less reliable and professional to their audience. Therefore, speakers are encouraged to backup their slideshow handouts, notes, files to avoid frustration if they experience any malfunctioning issues.

Presenters rely heavily on slides

In some cases, when the presenter focuses heavily on designing slides, they might forget to present how they will deliver the presentation. Therefore, they might end up reading from their slides. In reality, the audience wants to hear the speaker presenting the topic according to their understanding and not the ideas written on slides. That is because they can also read the slides.

Further, the presenters might find themselves in situations where they use software presentation tools and begin to make presentations for almost everything. That means every report can be written in presentation software. However, it cannot be fun for other people.

Regardless of the kind of presentation software that you use, you can achieve your desired purpose. However, as a presenter, you need to understand that every software has its unique pros and cons. Also, you need to understand the needs of your audience and the scope of content before deciding on how best you can present your ideas.

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