Self Serve Small Business Marketing Tools

self serve marketingLimited staffs and tight budgets are making self-serve marketing tools more attractive to small businesses

With a tough economy and an even tougher business environment, small businesses need all the help they can get with marketing their products and services. Many small business are owner operated with hands-on owners that must wear many hats… yes, a jack of all trades. Their business simply can’t afford to hire someone with thorough expertise in every functional area. That’s why self-serve marketing tools that guide small businesses through basic steps of marketing are especially useful.

With a basic understanding of the principles of marketing, most business owners or leaders can easily learn how to use self-serve marketing tools… and be successful using them.

Do-it-yourself marketing tools, or DIY marketing tools, typically ends up costing less because they tend to utilize a hosted service from the provider accessible for a low monthly reate. This low monthly cost means less out of pocket for a small business that may be struggling with cash-flow issues.

Self-serve and DIY Marketing tools are also typically easier to use because they are designed for a novice marketer. They will usually have an easy-to-use online interface that requires little to no customer service support. Of course, make sure whatever service you sign up for does offer good customer service in case you need it – especially when you are just getting started.

Here are some basic types of self-serve marketing tools that small businesses should be using today:

Many of the top marketing tools for small businesses are very low in cost… or even free to use. Using these tools in-house or by yourself eliminates the need for hiring another marketer or outside freelancer that may charge much, much more.

So it may be time to get creative and invest some time into learning a few new self-serve marketing tools for your small business. The future of your marketing and sales goals is in your hands.

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