Template for Tracking Annual Marketing Plan Goals, Strategies and Tactics

marketing goals templateFree downloadable worksheet for defining and tracking specific marketing goals and objectives for the year – including sample strategy, tactic and budget data to demonstrate how to use the template

Marketing plans should revolve around setting and tracking specific goals and objectives for your business. Establishing measurable goals – along with specific marketing strategies and tactics to achieve them – will ensure that your business stays on track throughout the year.

This easy-to-follow template developed by SBMarketingTools.com will help you define and capture marketing goals, strategies and tactics for an annual marketing plan by simply filling in the blanks. Designed to be a high-level tracking worksheet, the template can be used in conjunction with a full detailed annual marketing plan or annual marketing calendar.

Define Business Marketing Goals and Objectives for Template

To get started with the marketing goal tracking template, be sure that you take some time to really think through key goals and objectives for your business and your annual marketing efforts. Business and marketing goals and objectives should be interrelated and become the foundation for strategies and tactics used in your marketing plan.

Marketing Objective Definition

A marketing objective is defined as a mission or purpose for a marketing plan or component of a marketing plan. Objectives are actually broader in scope than goals. Sometimes objectives may even be comprised of several different or specific goals. Objectives are typically supported by more measurable qualitative goals.

Examples of marketing objectives for a business may include:

  • Become a market leader in the XYZ industry
  • Improve branding for business
  • Launch innovative products and services
  • Expand monthly subscriber program

Marketing Goal Definition

A business can define a marketing goal as a desired result or measurable achievement. Typically a goal is a measurable result that is achieved through marketing objectives. Goals are quantitative and are achieved marketing objectives. A marketing goal is typically met with a simple yes or no (attached to a quantitative measurement).

Examples of marketing goals for a business may include:

  • Increase sales inquiries by 30%
  • Launch two new product lines
  • Gain 10,000 new social media contacts
  • Increase market share by 5%

Tracking Template for Marketing Goals, Strategies and Tactics

marketing goals templateThe downloadable excel file developed by SBMarketingTools.com includes a blank worksheet tab for filling in your business and marketing plan information (goals, objectives, strategies, tactics, target dates, budget and tracking notes) and a worksheet tab with sample data to show how to use the marketing goal tracking template.

The layout is a guide that can be flexible for your business and marketing plan categories throughout the year… such as website, branding, advertising, lead generation, social media and more. Also see examples of how to set measurable goals for each marketing category.

Download Free Marketing Goal Tracking Worksheet Template
Editable Microsoft Excel worksheet format
Viewable PDF format

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Templates and resources developed by SBMarketingTools.com are created and/or reviewed by the editor of SBMarketingTools.com and are based on over 20 years of corporate marketing and small business marketing consulting experience.

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