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Translation tools are applications or software that support converting text from one language to another. Considering technological advancement and globalization, there has been an increase in communication with foreigners worldwide due to business partnerships and many other reasons. To communicate with these foreigners effectively, businesses need reliable translation tools. This is why we’ll discuss 5 of the best translation tools for small businesses.

marketing plan5 Translation Tools For Small Businesses

Below are 5 of the best translation tools that any business would benefit from:

  • DeepL Translator
  • Google Translator
  • Amazon Translate
  • Reverso Translator
  • Unbabel Translator

1. DeepL Translator

DeepL is currently one of the best online translators, and it’s free. It translates up to 5 languages which include English, French, Dutch, Italian, and German. This tool also has a unique feature that allows you to find the synonyms of a translated word with just one click. 

Even though this translation tool is great, it can’t always cover all of your translation needs. For example, it can’t be used for translating important documents such as birth certificates. For such a task, you can always use TranslationReport online services. This website offers swift translation services by native speakers of the desired country to enable you to avoid any cultural mistakes.

Features of DeepL

  • Has encrypted cloud storage.
  • Easy translation of long texts.
  • Free download access for all devices.

2. Google Translator

Google Translate is the most popular translator tool excellent for small businesses. So far, Google Translate offers adequate translation in over 100 different languages. It supports a wide range of language translations and contains over 29,000-word characters at a go. This tool can detect the written language. You can also choose to specify the URL of the site, and Google Translate can help translate the website page.

Features of Google Translate

  • If you are conversing with two or more persons, Google Translate can listen and translate automatically.
  • It can be used without an internet connection (offline mode).
  • Can transcribe voice communications.
  • Text on images can be translated.

3. Amazon Translate

Amazon is more than just an e-commerce marketplace. It also offers machine translation via its Amazon translate tool, Amazon Neural Machine Translation (NMT). The NMT service was made to provide high-quality, fast, and reliable language translation at affordable prices. The NMT service is so good that it can be considered among the best technology-based tools for foreign language classes. The Amazon translate service ensures a regular update on its dataset to enable it to deliver accurate translations no matter the length of the text. One of the unique features of this tool is that users can import their own dataset for any native language to ease business transactions.

Features of Amazon Translate

  • Enables business to customize their own Peculiar terms
  • It is affordable
  • User-friendly
  • It can be trained in a particular language

4. Reverso Translator

This translator software supports 17 different languages. It also enables text-to-speech recognition and translation. Reverso does not only assist small businesses in translating documents and words but also helps you improve grammar skills and vocabulary development. This tool can help business owners master the skill of writing, speaking, and reading in different languages.

Features of Reverso

  • Can translate any document format
  • It gives a pronunciation guide 
  • Helps build vocabulary 

 5. Unbabel Translator

This software helps to eliminate all the language barriers for small businesses across different geographical axis and cultures. Many small businesses use this platform across the globe. Unbabel can easily access chat rooms to deliver translations across different platforms seamlessly. In addition, this platform works hand in hand with the customer support teams of popular digital platforms such as Facebook,, and Uber to ensure effortless customer communication across the globe. Unbabel delivers fast, quality translation for businesses and helps create a consistent customer experience in any language.

Features of Unbabel

  • Uses artificial intelligence 
  • Ensures seamless communication across the different globe
  • It is affordable
  • Easy to use

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Every business desires to grow beyond its present locality. Therefore, it often develops a need for translation tools that help communicate with individuals from across the globe. Hopefully, the 5 translation tools mentioned in this article have given you some insight into the world of business translation and showcased the digital translation help you can avail of.

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