Use Local Coupon Deal Offers in Email Marketing with Constant Contact

Constant Contact Save Local Coupon dealsConstant Contact’s new SaveLocal tool combines local coupon offers and deals with their industry leading email marketing software for one easy-to-use online sales tool that creates loyal, repeat customers

Online local coupon deals are quickly becoming a valuable tool for businesses to generate additional sales. In tight economic times, consumers are looking for ways to save money or “get a deal” and they tend to be very responsive to special offers – particularly when the coupon or deal is from a familiar local business. And happy customers also like to share great deals with friends… increasing the potential of growing your business through local coupon deals.

If you are targeting your existing customers to help grow your business, then it’s only natural that you make your local coupon deal offers part of your email marketing strategy. Constant Contact, a leading email marketing service provider, recently launched a service called SaveLocal that does just that. Constant Contact customers can add the SaveLocal coupon deal tool to their email marketing efforts and quickly launch a local deal program that leverages existing customer relationships to generate revenue profitably for small businesses.

With SaveLocal, you give your customers special coupon deals to increase their loyalty and repeat business while creating multiple ways of creating more revenue through local coupon deals. SaveLocal is different that Groupon or Living Social because it starts with your existing customer relationships – rather than one-time bargain deal hunters – and gives you tools to build repeat business from deals with new customers.

The SaveLocal deal program allows small businesses to share deals via their Constant Contact email marketing account or via their social networks. The sophisticated but easy-to-use tool allows local businesses to control all aspects of the deal – what coupon to offer, how many to sell and who gets it. Even better, the cut on the deal is only a few dollars (as opposed to big commissions taken by other local deal providers), so small businesses can easily run a deal that still makes them money.

Some other advantages of SaveLocal by Constant Contact include:

  • Run profitable deals. Avoid upside-down economics of running a local deal – businesses only pay $1, $2 or $3 depending on the size of your deal or coupon offer.
  • Track your coupon deal performance. Online tools allow you to track your deals and know which deals are performing best for you
  • Leverage word of mouth. Start by promoting deals to your existing customers and then reward them for referring new customers by sharing your deal with others via Facebook or Twitter.
  • Build customer email lists. Grow your email marketing database by collecting contact information from customers who redeem a deal.

Here’s a quick overview video of how SaveLocal works for creating and managing local deals:

How to Get Started:

Constant Contact is rolling out the SaveLocal program to their email marketing customers as a tool they can easily add to their customer email communications. In addition to the local deals tool, their email marketing service also offers have tools for managing social campaigns, events and online surveys. You can easily Sign-up for a Free 60 Day Trial of Constant Contact to get started.

Already have an email marketing service?

If your business is retail-oriented and can benefit from local coupon deal offers then switching your email marketing service to Constant Contact may be a good way to go. To check out their email marketing service, sign-up for a free 60 day trial of Constant Contact. If you like the functionality you can upgrade to a full account, transfer email contacts to the account (export from your other account and then upload to Constant Contact) and get started with communicated local deal offers to your customer contacts.

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