What Are Today’s Consumers Looking for in Online Advertising?

marketing planSmall businesses need to step up their game and create online advertising strategies and campaigns that appeal to consumers looking to shop online

With today’s technology, shopping has never been easier. And with more people shopping online than ever, companies big and small are stepping up their online advertising games. This year, an estimated $557.99 billion is expected to be spent on online advertising efforts.

So what exactly should companies be spending their advertising budget on?

Online advertising mix that appeals to consumers

One increasingly popular tactic making its way through the digital advertising world is the use of a broader mix of media. Using one advertising platform just doesn’t cut it nowadays.

So instead of focusing on just mobile ads or just social media ads, companies need to fully understand the value of display. In doing this, they’ll be better able to utilize their advertising budget. Not only that, but companies will have a better understanding of which ad platforms work well and which ones don’t. Overall, companies need to be able to reach their audience across a variety of platforms, not just one or two.

Use visual content to engage

Along the lines of multiple media options, companies need to get on the picture and video bandwagon. Without some sort of image, consumers are going to keep on scrolling by marketing content.

Because of the short attention span today’s consumers have, companies need to have something to attract, and keep, their attention. This is what’s so great about live videos — it gives consumers a chance to not only learn more about the product or service, but they have the opportunity to interact with the company. So more companies need to really utilize the benefits of images and videos.

A personalized online advertising experience

It’s no surprise that people spend a lot of money each year. In fact, U.S. expenditure on Halloween alone reaches about $9.1 billion each year. And with so many people spending so much money, advertising tactics need to be related to consumer interests. More than that, consumers expect their shopping experience to be personalized.

Providing customers with a personalized experience is crucial for companies. Fortunately, today’s technology allows companies to gather data about buying behaviors, which allows them to tailor their marketing campaigns to their customers’ interests. Consumers no longer want to be exposed to basic marketing efforts — they want an entirely personalized experience so finding the product or service they want is even easier.

In order to reach, attract, and keep the attention of a target audience, it’s important to know what they want. By starting with gathering the right data to help figure out what the consumers are interested in, companies can better provide the information they need. In doing this, companies will be able to give consumers an easy, personalized experience that will quickly turn them into a loyal customer.

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Valerie M.

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