3 Tips to Reduce Workplace Stress and Boost Productivity

marketing plan templateReducing workplace stress in your business environment will help you and your employees be more productive and focused on growth

Life is stressful, especially when you work in an environment that is riddled with tension and exhaustion. Too much stress can even negatively impact your health, resulting in conditions ranging from nausea to insomnia.

According to 6Q, survey respondents reported their top causes of workplace stress were:

  1. Workload
  2. People issues
  3. Job security

Other causes of workplace stress included:

  • Low salaries
  • Lack of support from peers and mentors
  • Few advancement and growth opportunities
  • Lack of engaging/challenging tasks

Reducing Workplace Stress for Your Small Business

If you’re in a management position and oversee the work of a handful or even dozens of employees, there’s a lot you can do to address these common problems and lower your team’s stress levels.

Use the following best practices for a relaxed and productive work environment:

  1. Allow Flexible Work Schedules
    As SkillsYouNeed.com points out, sometimes the stress at work doesn’t come from the work itself, but instead from the difficulty of managing work and life. If the kind of work your company does could be completed from home on the computer, or at different times throughout the day, consider creating a more flexible work environment. Employees can then make their own schedules and reduce their commutes by working from home. You might be surprised how much more productive and happy they become!
  2. Encourage Breaks
    According to JustWorks, non-stop work has damaging impacts on employees. SkillsYouNeed also writes that employees are most productive when 90-minute stretches of work are bookended by 20-minute breaks. Be kind to your employees’ health and their production levels by making sure they take frequent breaks. Remember to lead by example and take breaks yourself, so that they know resting won’t result in punishment. If the amount of work that needs to be done leaves no room for breaks, then consider hiring more employees or adjusting expectations.
  3. Bring in Some Fun
    Finally, bringing some fun into the office can help reduce workplace stress. Making the work environment more comfortable and less serious will encourage positive interactions between workers, and it might even stimulate creativity. Consider bringing in a ping pong table or making the office dog-friendly to brighten the mood and help your workers look forward to coming in every day.

Though stepping back to focus on employee comfort may seem damaging to profits and productivity, any company could find that de-stressing the workplace actually boosts efficiency. After all, according to one study, 51% of people say that workplace stress reduced their productivity, hindering their ability to get the work done. Consider the above methods for a happier work environment and a more successful business.

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