4 Reasons Why Your Small Business Should Turn to Transcription

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marketing plan templateBusiness transcription can help you with all the data you accumulate with new business benefits – from meeting recaps to marketing repurposing

With the amount of information we’ve got active access to on daily basis, it is absolutely impossible to a) get a hold of ALL the data we may need in a day, and b) remember everything, long-term.

Whether you are googling your precious startup information or relying on that keynote speaker and their presentation to give you an insight into the topics you are currently interested in, chances are most of the information will slip due to a number of factors and you’ll be left with very little of your initial info batch. Therefore, there must be a solution helping a chap out, right? Right. It’s called transcription and it’s the next big thing out there, helping both small and big businesses run smoothly and manage all their necessary, business-related information.

In the lines below we’re discussing the significance of business transcription and the reasons why you should make it one of the key elements of your business interactions.

Being on top of every detail

Whether you are one-on-one with your (potential) client or you are a part of a huge business seminar/conference, you want all the exchanged information, data, and expectations right there where you can see them – on the record.

Sometimes, even the tiniest of details you failed to remember during your meeting can cost you a client, and that’s not what you want, is it? Conferences or great TED talks of our favorite presenters usually contain way more information that their proposals do, and – having it all typed out and ready would be a real bliss, wouldn’t it? Recording a conversation or someone’s presentation and typing it out later is one of the options helping you out, but, the automatized version of it is much more reliable, faster and more precise.

Repurposing the marketing material

If most of your business is based on valuable video and podcast marketing material, you can use audio transcription to turn all that material into insightful blog posts that will expand your business to yet another platform. You can also use that material for business newsletters, ebooks, white papers and other written content you want to use to advertise and brand your product/firm.

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Re-evaluating the success of a meeting

Great business deals start with valuable insights made during and after a meeting; going back to what EXACTLY has been said and agreed on during the meeting could give you a solid insight into how positive and productive the consultation actually was.

With quality transcription services online you can transform your audio files into tangible transcripts that will, later on, be used as base documents for your future collaboration. Essentially, transcription services allow you to focus on what’s happening in the meeting (at the moment you are having it) instead of waste that focus on anxiously taking notes.

Safer business dealings

Long gone are days when one’s word was as valuable as their honor; these days, when everyone’s got a fraud lawyer on speed dial, it’s essential we take measures that would protect us against any false accusations and unpleasant situations.

Whether you are having a face to face meeting with a client, having an interview or having a conference call, you should have a reliable transcript of these meetings to both protect yourself and be 100% sure regarding what was agreed on during the meeting. Including transcripts into your everyday business dynamics will protect both you and your client, long-term. An added bonus is that you can work on your negotiation tactics by analyzing the transcripts and figuring out which segment of your presentation needs fixing.

So, there – top four benefits of opting for a business transcription service. Any thoughts? Let us know!

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