5 Tips for Opening Your Own Car Junkyard

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Car junkyards, unlike the name and implication, can be a good source of income. This business can provide real opportunities as it has the potential of growing and becoming big over time. Here we will look at some tips on how to start your own car junkyard and reap the benefits.

1. Write Down a Business Plan

You already know that every business must have a plan and this cannot be emphasized more. From the conceptual stage, a business plan should detail what needs to be done over a given period of time and all the resources necessary to achieve the desired results. Prepare a five-year business plan that will act as a road map for your business, and remember to leave room to improve your business plan by making it flexible to accommodate future changes.

2. Find a Location

To run a successful junkyard, you need to have a good location. Take time to research a good location that will fit the cars you keep in the yard and leave enough room for any other activity you may want to do on the site. With over 80 million tons or about 69% of all steel recycled in North America every single year, you may choose to have a spot for collecting different recyclable parts. This will help you run the yard a lot more efficiently and keep things organized, having an easier time keeping track of your inventory.

3. Comply With The Law

To ensure that you’re running a compliant business, find out in advance all the legal requirements you have to comply with to stay within the law. You may work with a legal professional who will be able to point out the necessary certificates and registrations you need to get. You will also need to find out what the process of getting junk cars is so that you can have it done effectively and legally. Since almost 40 million used cars exchange hands every single year between dealerships and private-party sales, you can expect to find a large number of cars that have been decommissioned as a result of all those bought and sold. Doing this well in advance will make things easy for you once you begin operations in earnest.

4. Create a Website

With everyone heading online, it would be smart of you to create a website for your junkyard business. Doing this will open your business up to a wider market than you would otherwise have had access to. Get a professional to create one for you so you can avoid the learning curve that it would take for you to set up a good-looking website so you can focus on other aspects of your business. The cost that it will take to pay for a professional website would more than pay for itself when your brand starts to grow and exceed your expectations.

5. Research Thoroughly

Finally, you need to do thorough research to find out what other people in the same industry as you are doing. If there are any gaps they’ve left that you believe you can fill, do so and you will enjoy a loyal fan base that will choose you over the competition. Offer services that people are not likely to find elsewhere at good prices, and they will always come back for more, bringing along friends and family that may need similar services. You can also research where to source your cars from. With over 750,000 hit-and-run accidents in 2015 alone, making up 11.7% of all the car accidents recorded during that year, you should be able to salvage cars from accidents that happen locally.

With the given tips above, you can open your own car junkyard and make it a success. Follow them and you will be on the path to running your own business and enjoying every minute of it.

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