5 Top Tips for Secure Virtual Conferencing from Home

virtual conference

marketing planIf virtual conferencing from home is a regular thing with your employees and clients now, here’s how you can keep it secure for your business.

Thanks to the pandemic, the world of business has been changed forever. Employees are no longer tied to the office. Instead, they can work remotely or on a hybrid schedule. If you are happy to have your workers on a flexible schedule, you will find that virtual conferencing from home becomes a regular occurrence.

So, how are you going to keep your virtual conferences secure? That’s what we are going to find out below.

1. Lock the conference 

One of the best ways that you can have your employees and clients join a virtual conference is to provide a password. People can enter a conference using the password, however others without the code will not be able to enter. This is due to the fact that the virtual conference will be locked. You can even use a waiting room to ensure an extra level of security when people enter. That way you can make sure that they are exactly who they say they are or are at least on a guest list.

2. Use a secure platform 

Nowadays, there is a wide variety of professional virtual meeting software available to use. For instance, you may want to consider Microsoft Teams or perhaps a Microsoft Teams telephony system from Gamma (https://www.gamma.co.uk/products/microsoft-teams-telephony/). These types of video platforms tend to only be available to those who have received an invite. Therefore, it’s very likely that it will remain secure throughout your meeting.

3. Secure your chat function

For any virtual conference, it’s likely that you are going to have a chat function installed on the software. Keep an eye on your chat. Sometimes spammy links or malware can be posted. So, in order to keep it safe, you can use admins to monitor the chat. You can also prohibit the use of certain words and links if you are worried about your chat being hijacked.

4. User-based platform software

Instead of going online and using random software to host your meetings, you may want to consider asking your attendants to download user-based platform software. This is because it can be used through downloadable software, as well as online through a browser. For both versions of this software, the user will be required to always update their software. This means that the latest security will be installed every time.

5. Encrypt your software

By encrypting your software, you will provide an extra layer of protection for everyone who enters the virtual conference. Even if you learn that someone is trying to hack your conference to cause issues, encrypting your software will protect you and any guests who enter to listen in on the meeting. So, make sure to keep an eye on the platforms you decide to use for a virtual conference. They may already come with encryption software that is designed to protect you.

Are you ready to host a virtual conference?

Now that you know all the best ways to secure your virtual conference, it’s time to start hosting them! That way you and your employees can work from home, and still be productive with your work. 

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