Finding Trending Branding Inspiration in Social Media Trends

branding social media trends

Small businesses don’t have it easy in times of global economic hardships: competition is growing with the number of potential customers staying approximately the same. Even with a steady increase in tools available to brands looking to get through to their target audience and market their products among new clients, finding the perfect marketing model requires careful research, creativity and time.

Most companies have Facebook and Twitter pages by now, but despite the large number of users of these two networking giants, small businesses in niche industries may not be seeing a much-needed upturn in their corporate performance metrics.

That’s where other social media come in – depending on the type of business, customer-oriented networks and communities such as the ones listed below may help small shops like bakeries or delis reach their core audience far more efficiently than generalized online platforms.

Instagram: A business in pictures

A social network becoming increasingly popular worldwide, Instagram can serve as a convenient brand marketing instrument – and it’s completely free of charge, too. With billions of hashtags, appealing image filters and over 300 million users, this visual platform is a perfect media for promotional campaigns and product advertising that can reach the right audience and help increase your corporate income in the long run – and with the right creative approach, it can prove an efficient marketing tool in almost any industry.

LinkedIn: A hotpot of young professionals

Though perhaps not as popular as Twitter and Facebook, LinkedIn is another social network that holds enormous advertising potential for small businesses elbowing their way to top marketing tiers and corporate success. An online community that gathers young professionals employed in different trades, LinkedIn can help you connect with potential and/or new clients and get recommendations from your loyal customers – and the power of a well-written recommendation and carefully planned and prepared promotional products can go a long way in a business-oriented crowd.

Pinterest: A place of visual inspiration

pinterest branding trends

One more sharing network that focuses on visual content, Pinterest is a great place to look for inspiration for brand logos, creative fonts, catchy patterns and store display ideas. But that’s not all – originally a hobby and leisure-oriented community, Pinterest joined the branding bandwagon in 2014 with its Analytics for Business Accounts feature which allows companies to get an insight into the progress of their advertising strategy, audience profiles and similar business-relevant statistics.

Allrecipes: Delicious and good for corporate figures too

One of the niche sites optimally suited to small businesses in the catering and food industry, Allrecipes allows restaurants, bakeries and candy shops to post recipes and access the menus and preparation instructions of other users. Via to this growing internet platform, any bakery, chef or deli store can promote their products and share ingredient lists, nutritional information and photos for some of the items on offer at their sales points.

Don’t neglect the power of generosity – you may well be getting extra points for amiability and openhandedness among your foodie audience by sharing your culinary tips than by keeping them a secret out of fear of declining income figures.

Every penny counts: Consider other online communities

branding trends small business

For up-and-coming businesses in niche industries, every new customer counts a lot and though the online platforms listed above do have the largest user reach, there are also some other networks that can prove helpful when aiming to attract new clients. For instance, Tumblr, Reddit, Behance, Kaboodle and StumbleUpon offer considerable potential for visual and textual promotion of products and services.

Branding is a common interest on Tumblr, and both fresh and experienced designers can display their branded promotional items in an aesthetically pleasing manner, on a custom, individualized profile. It’s basically become a portfolio outside of Behance. Reddit, they say, is the future of Facebook, and also a return to the old ways of forums, stripped of personalization.

Alternatively, Youtube and Vimeo can help present your innovative multimedia campaigns to over 1 billion users across the globe. Youtube particularly has opened its doors to the power of Google AdWords, a marketing skill that is easily picked up and the future of online marketing.

Small businesses can benefit financially from social media campaigns based on a careful analysis, planning and awareness of their target audience profiles. Everyone seems to be on the internet these days, so if you want your business to grow and prosper, don’t overlook the potential of online

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