Free and Affordable Apps That Will Get Your SB on the Right Track

free technology appsSmartphone and technology apps that will help keep your small business productive and organized with integrated services to maximize your time

Most sales and customer support teams will use multiple social media, CRM tools and cloud-service apps. It can be difficult to know which ones will work best and find one that can perform multiple tasks, so you don’t have to repeat or repost information. announced a breakthrough tool for cloud app integration called Nubera CloudWork. It is a brokerage service intended to integrate data from one application to another. Sales and customer support employees will be able to see data associated with a client or customer that might have come from Google contacts, interactions that came from Twitter and using Evernote, keep all of this information under the customer’s profile in Capsule CRM. This program is so intelligent that it helps users synchronize contacts through most apps to have customer information in a unified place. You can sign up with a top online backup app to save all information at once.

Sign the Dotted Line

The Globe and Mail recommends DocuSign Ink to eliminate binders of contracts and miscellaneous documents. This nifty app allows you to draft expense reports, contracts and send them to users — who will sign the screen, instead of a paper document. This free app is for your iPhone, iPad and Android. There’s also a browser-based version, that works with Windows Mobile and BlackBerry.


Used for tracking travel expenses and schedules, Expensify imports credit card transactions, scans receipts, tracks mileage, organizes your trip itinerary, supports 158 currencies and notifies you if your flight is delayed. All this for free (for one to two users) on Android, Blackberry iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone and Palm devices.

Taxi Magic

When you’re on the go, and you don’t have time and have to be somewhere ASAP, Taxi Magic is an app that cuts out the inconvenience of calling a car company or flagging a cab down. This app lets you know when your ride is on its way and when it arrives. You can pay the car company on your phone and have a receipt sent to your phone. No paper receipts or fumbling with your wallet.

Trip Cubby

Trip Cubby keeps a log of the start and finishing mileage from your odometer and will calculate how many miles you traveled. Plus, it will export a mileage report into an Excel spreadsheet from your iPhone, that you can backup to your iCloud database, and this app presents IRS-compliant data (so you can have all of your business miles recorded). This handy dandy app costs $2.99 and can be used on iPad and iPhone.

Get out your smartphone and get your tasks and data connected online and in the cloud. Organization, time saving and cost efficiency for your small business is a download away.

Guest Contributor: Patricia Moody – Patricia works in retail, but her dream is to become a CPA and help small businesses grow. She shares her finance tips on several blogs.

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