Free Annual Marketing Plan Templates and Resources

marketing plan templatesDownload free marketing templates, outlines and worksheets designed to get you started on building an annual marketing plan

Spontaneous marketing activities rarely produce desired results for small businesses. Without a solid annual marketing plan to outline a year’s activities businesses typically end up spending well beyond their budget or missing out on opportunities throughout the year.

The best way to maximize a small marketing budget is to develop an annual marketing plan that aligns your budget with the specific strategies and tactics that you wish to accomplish throughout the year.

These free marketing plan templates and resources are a good start to help guide you through the process with simple and easy to follow formats.

Template for Small Business Marketing Plan Strategy Document

marketing plan outlineStart the marketing planning process by clearly outlining basic strategies in a formally documented strategy plan. This free marketing plan strategy template developed by is a basic, simple-to-use document that will help you define and outline marketing goals, objectives, strategies and tactics.

Download FREE Small Business Marketing Plan Strategy Document
Editable Microsoft Word format
Viewable PDF format

Marketing Plan Strategy and Tactic Worksheet Template

marketing plan worksheetUse this free marketing worksheet template developed by to track the strategies and tactics used throughout the year to implement your overall marketing plan. Grouping strategies and tactics by marketing category, the worksheet will help you develop an annual calendar for marketing plans for each target audience.

This worksheet also helps you track allocated budget, actual budget and budget variance. The free marketing plan worksheet download includes a worksheet tab with a blank worksheet to fill in and a worksheet tab with sample marketing strategy and tactic data filled in the worksheet template.

Download FREE Marketing Plan Strategy and Tactic Worksheet
Editable Microsoft Excel worksheet format
Viewable PDF format

Simple Marketing Calendar Template

marketing calendar templateVisually tracking marketing activity with a calendar is a good way to manage multiple activities and tactics as you implement an annual marketing plan.

Use this simple calendar worksheet developed by to track and manage an integrated marketing plan on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis.

Download FREE Marketing Plan Strategy and Tactic Worksheet
Editable Microsoft Excel worksheet format
Viewable PDF format

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Advertising media plan templateAdvertising Media Plan Cost Analysis and Calendar
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Templates and resources developed by are created and/or reviewed by the editor of and are based on over 20 years of corporate marketing and small business marketing consulting experience.

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