The Payoff of Employee Engagement for Small Businesses

employee engagement


Strong employee engagement is often an untapped opportunity to grow your small business brand. Brand loyalty and promotion is something that every brand strives for, but most brands approach it as something that happens amongst a purely external audience of consumers. One of the most important audiences is a brand’s own employees, yet they are often overlooked. Building strong brand loyalties starts from within and naturally moves outward toward external audiences.

Power of Engaged Employees

Loyalty begins with engaged employees who care about the company’s future. They are willing to invest their time and effort into a company’s success. However, statistics indicate that much of today’s workforce is disengaged in their work.

Only 29 percent of employees are actively engaged in their jobs.

About 54 percent of employees are not engaged, which means they are putting in their time but are essentially sleepwalking through the day with little passion or creativity to bring to the table.

The final 17 percent are actively disengaged in their work, undermining what the company is trying to accomplish and acting out on their discontent.

Not only does disengagement create an atmosphere of unrest and unproductivity within the company, it also affects a company’s earnings. Statistics show that companies with highly engaged employees outperform their peers by nearly 150 percent in earnings per share and experience 10-15 percent higher profit growth — and that’s just the beginning.

AgencyEA, a brand experience agency, has aggregated the research and essential statistics you need to know if you are reflecting on your current employee engagement and engagement programs.

See how the data shows how employee engagement can pay off for your small business:

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Claire Holland

Director of Marketing Communications at agencyEA
Claire Holland is the Director of Marketing Communications at agencyEA, a brand experience agency in Chicago that specializes in experiential, digital and traditional engagement. Her vision guides the company’s brand and voice. Claire’s strategic communication and writing skills contribute to all agencyEA marketing, branding, public relations and more.