Selling Products on Facebook Business Pages with an Online Store App

Facebook online storeTransform your Facebook business page into an e-commerce tool for your business with online store apps that let you promote and sell products directly on Facebook

Many businesses have invested a lot of time into developing a large fan base on Facebook with a business page. Facebook has become a great communication and branding tool to help businesses build a loyal following of customers and prospects.

With the ability to communicate “Facebook only” sales specials, coupons and deals through status updates, business users are already beginning to benefit from increased sales opportunities as a result of a strong Facebook presence.

For companies that offer products for sale online, Facebook sales opportunities can be amplified with a direct plug-in application that adds an online store complete with e-commerce shopping cart functionality embedded on a tab on your Facebook page.

Adding an Online Store App to Sell Products on a Facebook Business Page

You have probably seen some big brands set up stores on their Facebook business page and thought it was only something that big companies with big marketing budgets and IT support teams could implement. In fact, many businesses – large or small – simply take advantage of off-the-shelf apps for adding an online store option to their Facebook page.

Of course the first step is setting up a Facebook business page for your company. Make sure that it is a business page and not a personal page or account. Business pages will give you much more functionality for promoting your business – including adding apps that allow customers to purchase products directly from Facebook.

Next, you will want to identify which e-commerce shopping cart app vendor you want to use for your online store on Facebook.

There are several different companies that offer Facebook apps for online stores, but using a company that offers e-commerce functionality for your Facebook page as well as your external website might be the best approach to save time and money. That way you can use one tool to manage products you sell online – via Facebook or your website – for a seamless shopping experience for customers.

Use Facebook Shop Functionality

Another way to turn your Facebook business page into a money-making extension of your website is to simply use the Facebook Shop functionality that is now built into Facebook. You can list products by category and link directly to buy now pages on your website.
The Facebook shop section is a tab you can add to your business Page that lets you display products you’re selling. It’s ideal for merchants, retail and eCommerce advertisers who want to reach more people on Facebook. It’s free to use, and Facebook doesn’t take any percentage of what you earn.

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