The Social Dimension of Small Business Marketing

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In the times when it’s hard to calculate how many billions are being invested in the global marketing business, young people preparing to launch a new start in the business skies might think money is everything. Of course, this doesn’t have to be the case.

Fresh, never-seen-before ideas can still gain popularity without huge investments. It’s enough to go viral in social media and you can consider your mission accomplished. One of the ways to do so is to pay attention to the social aspect of your brand-popularizing strategies.

Sensitivity for the Local Community

Although the term “social” nowadays usually refers to online social media and channels, it’s useful not to forget about the social aspects of your local community too.

Since marketing is becoming a multi-layered and largely diversified field, you shouldn’t hesitate to use every reasonable opportunity for a positive promotion. In line with this, a small business owner who shows sensitivity towards their local community can expect a stronger boost from their side. Also, taking part in online charity campaigns, sharing important information about crowdfunding events, as well as providing financial support for local sporting or music events through sponsorships can serve a great marketing purpose.

Where Ecology Meets Sociology

Apart from active participation in various activities that can improve your local community, far-sighted business owners will work on introducing ecological standards in their production process as well. Since we all know how important ecology has become, the benefit of applying its features in business is two-fold – firstly, your productivity will increase if you use energy efficient technologies and secondly, your clients will appreciate your care for the environment.

Business owners who realize the importance and media potential of green marketing can expect positive publicity both offline and online, where the former feature is more important, since many business people neglect this area of marketing and, finally, ecology is a real-life, offline issue.

Ditch Aggression, Embrace Compassion

The greatest problem with the vast majority of contemporary online, TV and radio ads is aggression. What marketers want to achieve this way is catching their target audience by surprise and persuade them to make hasty shopping decisions. However, modern advertisers have to make a paradigm shift, since people have become immunized and unresponsive to such no-brainer ads.

Thanks to the Internet and social media, new business owners get more thoughtful and social-sensitive ads. With the existence of a variety of influences and approaches to marketing, today you can learn from a creative agency Melbourne marketing unit how to coin a catchy phrase or make eye-catching visuals.

On the other hand, some other experts, like online accountants can help you calculate the expenses your social activism might incur. By abandoning aggression and embracing compassion, you’ll get a chance to use your marketing efforts to advertise your business and improve the social situation around you.

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Visual Activities

Your efforts to utilize marketing as leverage for supporting positive social values will remain unnoticed unless you include some simple visual activities in your campaign.

For instance, you should take photos at every event you participate in, no matter if you’re a sponsor, an attendee or a speaker. In addition to that, make short videos and post them to your social media pages. Don’t forget to mark each and every of them with a single hashtag.

Finally, ask your clients, partners and followers to contribute to your campaigns with their own footage and images. You can achieve a lot through mutual shares and networking, so make best use of those tools.

Some people may claim that self-promotion and charity don’t go together. If you’re doing it only for the purpose of selfish promotion, then they’re right. However, there’s nothing wrong in joining together your own marketing efforts with a mission to help others. More people will hear about the problems of the underprivileged, raising the awareness of their problems, which should result in resolving some of those issues.

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