Social Media Website Tools – Strategies to Integrate Social on Your Site

social media website toolsFree Guide on how to take advantage of social media integration tools on your website like social sign on and sharing for better user engagement

For many marketers, the power of social media is starting to become very clear. Their investment in social media is beginning to grow leads, company engagement… and most importantly sales.

Social media can also be a powerful tool to integrate into your website. Gone are the days of managing and maintaining separate registration databases for your website (and obstacles for potential customers). Social media website tools take away that barrier and give you new insights into the wants and needs of your target customers. They also create an easy way for customers to share and become your best brand advocates.

With social media integration your content gets more relevant, your website gets stickier and word of mouth increases.

But how do you get started? This free social media integration guide by a leading social media integration company called Janrain will guide you through some of the best strategies for integrating social media on your website:

Use Social Logins – Most people do not want to set up yet another user id or password to register for websites. When you implement a social login users can simply log into your site using their existing social media accounts with Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. By making the registration process easier you remove a huge barrier to getting potential customers involved in your website or online community.

Target with Social Data – By linking your user’s profile to their social media account you tap into their “social graph” containing key data about their demographics and interests (permission-based of course). Then you can better target content to your users based on what interests them.

Socialize and Engage Visitors – Give your website visitors the tools to easily share with their social networks directly from your website. When you give users the tools to share they’ll instantly become advocates of your website content, expanding your reach. You can also use social data to personalize campaigns like email marketing and get better overall conversions because it’s more relevant.

social media website tools guideDownload the Free Guide now:
7 Proven Ways to Integrate Social Media with Your Site

These strategies will help make your business website more relevant, amplify the quantity and quality of word-of-mouth marketing, build trust and loyalty, enhance stickiness and multiply conversions.


You’ll be one step closer (or seven steps closer, according to the guide) to harnessing the power of social media on your website!

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