Twitter Analytics Can Generate More Revenue for Your Business

Grow Revenue from TwitterHow Twitter can become a powerful business tool by using promoted tweets, dashboard tracking and social analytics

Who knew 140 characters could have such an effect on your bottom line?

Once thought of as a waste of time, Twitter has transformed into an important tool for brand management, marketing and customer service. These days, businesses without a Twitter presence are giving up a valuable chance to earn customers with little or no financial investment. In 2012, 73 percent of the Fortune 500 companies had active Twitter accounts, according to a UMass-Dartmouth survey, and that number is on the rise.

Now that businesses have hopped on board the Twitter train, it’s time to turn this massive platform of short snippets into a manageable tool for business growth. Luckily, businesses have a growing stable of tools to help them sort out what’s real from what’s tweeting nonsense. Twitter analytics can turn your timeline into a real-time profit stream.

Twitter Analytics

As businesses have caught on to Twitter’s influence, the social network has made itself more enterprise friendly. Twitter offers detailed analytics for businesses to measure the success of promoted tweets. Purchase a sponsored advertisement and you’ll have access to the number of impressions, click rate, total clicks and total money spent, as well as the number of followers you gain through promoted accounts. Businesses also have the options to target users based on their interests. If a golf course is promoting itself, for example, it might target users similar to those who follow @Golfchannel or @Golfmagazine.


Businesses with high social media traffic will appreciate Hootsuite, a dashboard that tracks brand mentions across all popular social platforms. HootSuite also enables users to manage multiple social networks in one place, but that’s not our favorite feature. HootSuite automatically tracks Twitter mentions, followers, lists and more in real-time. You’ll get an overview of your Twitter account every time you log on to HootSuite. In its new Daily Mentions Module, HootSuite tells you how many mentions you have per day, with individual mention dates, mentioner names, mention text and the Klout score of the mentioner.

That’s valuable information for social media managers who can respond to mentions and build their strategy around effective results.

Social Crawlytics

Twitter isn’t just useful for reaching out to consumers, it also enables businesses to keep tabs on their competition. Social Crawlytics is particularly helpful for this. The tool helps businesses identify their competitors’ most shared content. You’ll get an idea of what types of content competing businesses are creating and who you’re targeting. When something works for these targets, send some social juice in that direction.

Any combination of these tools gives businesses a better idea of the effectiveness of their Twitter presence. Digital marketing agency iAcquire uses Hootsuite and Social Crawlytics, as well as Bottlenose, FollowerWonk and Google Analytics, to measure its social media impact. Through FollowerWonk, iAcquire learns where its followers are located, when they tweet and how they respond to new content. With this information, tweets from iAcquire are tailored specifically to its audience, resulting in more re-tweets, follows and brand exposure. Take advantage of these tools to take your social media strategy to the next level.

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