Using LinkedIn to Get More Facebook Page Likes

linkedin Facebook likesPromoting Facebook pages on relevant LinkedIn groups can help to increase “likes” and exposure for your business page

Most small businesses are anxious to tap into power of Facebook as a free marketing tool. Facebook business pages can work hard for your business as a PR, direct marketing and advertising tool all rolled into one. But the key to success is growing a fan base – or number of “likes” – to get enough volume for it to make a measurable difference for your small business. Extending your reach to relevant LinkedIn groups may be one way to jumpstart a Facebook like fan base.

Get More Facebook Business Page Likes from LinkedIn

A Facebook business page set-up and launch is typically followed by a brief climb in the number of “likes’ by simply reaching out to a business’ low hanging fruit: friends, existing customers, partners/suppliers or friends of friends.

But shortly after the initial Facebook business page launch, the growth in likes can stall out and never quite reach a critical mass needed for real marketing penetration. LinkedIn is one free or low-cost marketing tool that businesses should consider tapping into for Facebook business page growth. LinkedIn connections can be a very valuable resource for growing many marketing or business initiatives – including a Facebook business page.

Here are some simple steps for how to use LinkedIn to get more Facebook likes:

Join relevant LinkedIn groups. Search for groups that are closely related to your industry, business, geography or specialized profession. Also consider joining groups specifically for small businesses, business or industry associations. Choose groups that appear to have a large number of members and active participation.

Find discussions related to Facebook. Many members of groups have already started discussion threads specifically for promoting Facebook. Do a simple search for any recent Facebook threads that appear to still be active (new posts within the last month). If you do not see a current thread, start a new thread entitled “Share your Facebook Business Page” or something similar.

Post your Facebook business page. Introduce yourself and your business page on Facebook while providing a direct link to the page. Ask for members to support your Facebook business page by liking the page and/or sharing the page with their contacts. Be sure to mention that you will happily return any “likes” you receive.

Like other Facebook business pages. Go through the discussion thread and “like” any pages already listed. Be sure to post a reply on the thread that you just “liked” XYZ and ABC pages and appreciate any “like” returns. Others will post replies that they liked your page and you should post a thank-you note each time.

Reply with your business Facebook page link. With each new reply you post on a discussion thread, be sure to include a link to your Facebook page so that new participants in the thread can see your link.

Facebook Business Page Likes Key to Successful Facebook Marketing

The process of joining LinkedIn groups and posting about your Facebook business page can sometimes go on for weeks or months. But the results can be very beneficial to increasing your number of likes with relevant industry contacts and expanding your reach beyond ordinary contacts you might acquire.

With increased reciprocal likes there is also the added benefit of being able to promote your Facebook business page on other pages.

Simply log onto your Facebook account and select “Use Facebook as page” under “Account” in the top right corner of Facebook. Then select the business page you want to switch to (in case you have multiple business pages). You can now post on other pages liked or friends that you have become friends with as your business page.

Becoming an active participant as your Facebook business page is a great way to promote your Facebook business page and get you even more Facebook like returns.

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