Why You Should Be Investing In Video Marketing

video marketing

marketing planContent marketing has evolved and now a video marketing strategy is the next new thing that all businesses need to leverage in their marketing plans

It’s easy to agree that every business needs new traffic to their website. Content marketing has been the leading way to accomplish this for quite some time now.

Content comes in various shapes and sizes:

  • eBooks
  • blogs
  • whitepapers

Things are changing. Your ability to adapt to these changes quickly will help you to become more successful. It will also ensure you’re not wasting money on ineffective marketing strategies.

Content Marketing Saturation

Plenty of content marketing tactics have worked, but they’re getting more expensive because of over-saturation. PPC, Facebook ads, and other forms of marketing have experienced this same cycle.

This means that you need to embrace the newest form of content marketing before it, too, gets over-saturated.

Video marketing is changing everything. It’s a way to say a lot in a short amount of time. Plus, it’s more engaging than expecting people to read a giant block of text.

Why Video?

We’re glad that you asked. People don’t have the attention span that they used to. They want information that they can easily digest – and a video delivers in a way that no other content can.

There are a number of reasons to make social video marketing your next “new” thing:

  • 88% of video marketers report that they are satisfied with their ROI
  • 73% of consumers say they are influenced by brands that use video on social media
  • Videos are 100% shareable too

Once you create a single video, it can be shared by millions, allowing more and more people to see the video. After posting, you don’t pay a dime. It can be shared by followers and their followers and their followers, making it one of the most affordable marketing strategies that you take advantage of.

How do I know if video works for my business?

Videos are versatile, and they work for any industry. You don’t have to be a visual business like a restaurant or a fashion store, either.

Plenty of people ask us what a video can say about their business. The beauty of a video is that it can be anything you want it to be. Entertain people about your brand, explain some of the more complex services and products. Let people have that “Aha!” moment when they see your videos. Show them, through animation or real people that they can’t live without your product or service.

They always say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Videos, then, have to be worth about a billion. The combination of audio and visual is powerful – and it can resonate with your target audience better than any Facebook post or blog will ever do.

Take the Plunge with Video Production

We’re pretty sure that we’ve convinced you that video marketing is the way to go. Now, you have to look at actually producing videos. This is a big task, so you need to find a team that can see your vision and make it a reality.

Look at some of the different case studies or past videos to see if you’re looking for something similar.

When you have a high-end production budget, explore companies such as:

If you have a smaller budget, look at:

  • Yelp
  • Google

It all comes down to what videos will allow you to accomplish. It’s important to make your mark and get the eye of your target audience. Blogs and social media posts are no longer capable of breaking through all of the media that’s out there because of how over-saturated it is. You now need a way to be different.

Video marketing allows you to differentiate yourself from your competition. You’ll find that people will respond better to your video marketing, understand more about who you are, and be faster to convert.

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