Why You Should Use Video Marketing In 2019

marketing planDeveloping a video marketing plan should be your number one marketing strategy to improve your company’s brand in 2019

There are countless new digital marketing trends to follow in 2019, but no strategy is expected to dominate quite like video marketing in the new year. Whether you own a small business, a large company, or work as a social influencer, video marketing will decide who is in or out, a la Heidi Klum.

Video content has become one of the primary modes of engagement between companies and consumers. With smartphone in hand, nearly everyone has access to the internet practically around the clock. And as technology grows and evolves, SEO strategies, digital marketing techniques, and ecommerce sites have begun to mesh these traditional strategies with unique video content.

In fact, it’s estimated that including a video on your site’s landing page can increase the number of conversions by nearly 80%.

Want to get to the top page of Google? A video on your landing page also increases your odds of making it to the first page by 5300%. No hunger games, here.

Video content also makes it more likely for users to interact with your site after viewing a custom video. Consumers love a multimedia experience, and when consumer attention is directed at your site, they’ll be more likely to stick around — and click around — following your informational video.

Here are some of the ways you can appeal to consumers with video marketing in 2019.

Live video

Countless people use social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Luckily, most of these sites also allow for live stream video options. These live videos not only boost brand awareness, but it also allows for direct user engagement since it feels like you’re speaking directly to your consumer.

In fact, Facebook claims that the daily watch time for their Facebook live videos grew by four times the size over the course of the last year.

YouTube ads

The number of YouTube users is growing. Even though the consumer often gets the option to skip the ads at the start of a video, those first five seconds means your brand is still being exposed to anyone who clicks on that site. If you want to grow your brand, forming a great YouTube ad is a perfect time to start.

Virtual reality

VR technology is taking off in 2019. What was once a video gaming phenomenon is now the tech that is going to take digital marketing into new arenas. If you want to get ahead of the curve, invest in VR products to appeal to the trendiest of the trendy.

In 2019, try out video marketing when you want to improve your company’s brand.

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