Effective Law Firm Marketing Techniques You Should Start Using

law firm marketing

marketing plan5 ways you can start law firm marketing strategies and techniques that showcase your firm’s capabilities and take your business to the next level

Starting an effective law firm is an important issue, which is why you need to consider the idea of employing techniques that could take your business to the next level when it comes to efficiency. In order to do so, you need to improve your business in five vital areas and use all of your skill, craft and ability for strategic thinking.

With that in mind and without further ado, here are the top five effective law firm techniques you should start using.

1. Start a law blog

Free advice is always a great thing and it’s an amazing way to make the first contact with those who are in need of legal services. You see, not everyone has a family lawyer or a law firm on a retainer. For some, the first step is to look for a legal counsel online. This is one of the main reasons you need to start a legal blog.

Provided that your blog posts are ranked high enough and the content is good enough, their next step might be to contact you. After all, if they have no other lawyer and they seem to be satisfied with your content, why shouldn’t they consider hiring you.

2. Consider mock court

The next problem that a lot of smaller law firms encounter is the fact that their lawyers have no courtroom experience. The majority of cases gets settled outside of the court, which means that the majority of attorneys that you (as a small law firm) will employ won’t have the necessary experience.

By using mock court services, you’ll get to breach this gap in a simple and more cost-effective manner. Some agencies even have specific scenarios, which is why you can look for mock Australia services or look for scenarios for international cases. You also get to test your arguments and use it to show your clients how the case will go in court.

3. Focus on the client service

The next thing you need to do is improve client services in order to make them more loyal. First, you need to be careful with promises in order not to hype up your clients who will, in turn, start expecting impossible. Next, you need to reward the behavior you want to see from your client service.

Lastly, you might want to share some results of your outstanding work with the public. It might be even worth your while to commit a section of your blog to it.

4. Always choose measurable marketing

law marketing

When it comes to marketing your law firm, what you need to do is focus only on those methods that have measurable metrics. First, you should start driving traffic to your website. Second, you need to start working on generating more conversions. Then, you need to look towards social media and start working towards increasing the number of social media mentions (positive ones).

Once the basics are covered, you should start considering the cost-effectiveness of a paid advertising campaign. Here, you can do quite a bit to increase ROI on advertisements.

5. Cultivate referral sources

Your own clients are the main source of referrals, which means that they’re your primary mean of providing your business with word of mouth (WOM) recommendations. Previously, we’ve discussed a scenario where your client gets persuaded by online means to start using the services of your law firm. However, it is far more likely that a satisfied customer will mention your firm to a friend or acquaintance who is in need of legal assistance. This is why providing satisfactory service and staying in touch with your clients afterward (checking in on them) are both great ideas.


With these five practices on your side, you’ll expand your customer base, improve the performance of your staff and ensure better results when it comes to your marketing. These three are everything that a small business needs for growth and expansion. Still, seeing as how these techniques take time to start giving results, you might want to start applying them as soon as possible.

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