How Can Blogger Outreach Help Your Business?

blogger outreach

marketing plan templateMaking a bogger outreach effort part of your overall content marketing plan is a good strategy for increased website traffic and promotions for your business

Blogger outreach refers to bloggers and businesses combining to create promotional content. The business will typically provide a sample of a product in return for a review or prizes in a giveaway. While this has gotten a bad rap in recent years, it’s a simple process.

If you as a business owner have a service or product that bloggers will love, contact bloggers and ask them to write about it and link back to your site. If you choose a relevant blogger who has a following that matches your target audience, you can also use this as a form of link building. In order to make the process simple, you can have a blogger outreach agency do this work for you.

Types of Blogger Outreach

There are different types of blogger outreach that a blogger outreach agency can work on, depending on your business.

Sponsored Posts: sponsored post is a post that a blogger is paid to publish and has mentions and links to your business. The cost for a sponsored post depends on the popularity of the influencer or blogger and the type of post you want. You need to be sure to agree on the terms beforehand and the blogger needs to declare that they received money for the post and say the post is sponsored.

Product Reviews: A product review is when a business sends out products to bloggers for review, either in the form of a photo on social media, videos, or a blog post. Everyone loves getting free stuff so this makes bloggers happy before they even try the product. If they love it, they will be sure to tell their followers about it.

Product Features: Product features are similar to a review. However, instead of just a review, the product is featured in a post that is about a broader topic. For example, a travel blogger could write about their trip to France and then casually mention they were using your suitcase during their trip.

Giveaways: Giveaways are effective for both the brand and the blogger. You as the business provide the prize and then the blogger hosts the competition on social media, their blog, or YouTube. Many people are guaranteed to enter and it gives your brand some priceless exposure.

Blogger Events: You can invite influencers and blogs to attend an event that showcases your products in exchange for coverage on their blogs about it. This gives you coverage from lots of bloggers and gives your brand much more exposure. You could also create hashtags to help you track your ROI or be sure to keep a digital record of the time. These events do take a lot of effort and time to organize, but when done properly, the reward is worth it.

Why Do Blogger Outreach?

What makes blogger outreach so successful is that it works for both the blogger and business. Your outreach attempts won’t work if you don’t offer a compelling incentive to the blogger. This could be a product to try or products to hand out as competition prizes. Anything that helps grow the blogger’s reputation and reach may be considered a compelling incentive. The reward for you is building backlinks and gaining a new audience.

Remember that bloggers can take years to cultivate a social audience so just one piece of information about your brand can mean a lot of traffic and leads. When you find the right bloggers and build a relationship then you have a new readymade audience for your product. This works great for new and small businesses that don’t already have a huge online following. Blogger outreach can work for any business as long as you find the right bloggers to work with. Your service or product needs to work within their brand and appeal to their audience.

Working on Blogger Outreach

You need to do this correctly in order to get the best results. Be careful when choosing the bloggers. You don’t just want to work with anyone who wants free products. It’s only going to be helpful to your business if it’s relevant, so take the time to research the blogger, what they typically post about, and who their audience is. Work on building a relationship that will last and be transparent about what you want from the blogger and what you are able to offer. This helps build trust from the beginning.

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