How to Measure PR Metrics for Your Startup [INFOGRAPHIC]

PR metrics for small businesses

marketing plan templateWhy public relations is important for building your business… and how to determine how well your PR efforts work for you

Many entrepreneurs building a new business chose to focus a lot of energy on public relations efforts – because everyone knows that good PR coverage can really help jump-start a new business. And with cash-strapped startups a good jolt of positive press or “earned media” coverage can be critical in early branding efforts.

But to get that good PR coverage – and to make sure it is truly jump-starting your business – you have to have a good game plan to maximize opportunities and invest your precious time in efforts that are really making a difference. Of course its not an easy task for most small businesses to accomplish on their own. It means understanding how to start off with goals, put the right metrics in place and then understanding what they mean in terms of success.

Making PR more measurable will help make your business better – particularly if you are an entrepreneur or growing startup. The main reason it matters is because when you measure – and therefore know what works – you can focus maximizing repeat PR efforts that produces results. And luckily earned media is much more measurable than most people initially think.

PR Metrics that Matter

Have you ever wondered what PR metrics you should be measuring?

Onboardly, a demand marketing agency, has put together this great graphic about how to measure PR metrics that matter to your business:

PR Metrics That Matter

infographic courtesy of Onboardly

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