How to Set Up a Content Marketing Campaign that will Make Your Competitors Envious

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marketing planTime to up your content marketing game with new data-driven strategies that take advantage of the latest trends in technology and social media

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Content marketing has changed drastically over the last few decades due to emerging technology. Written content used to be primarily for print publications but now content includes social media, podcasting, and online publishing. The perfect content marketing campaign can allow a company to surpass a competitor in search engine rankings. The campaign can also showcase the knowledge the company possesses and can improve brand image. Content marketing incorporates quite a few factors that will impact overall success in a data-driven world.

Using Data Combined with Creativity to Produce Incredible Content

Data-driven content has to have an element of creativity to truly attract views, readers, and listeners. Meeting and creating a content calendar with staff can provide valuable input. Every person on the staff might have an expertise that others do not or a viewpoint that can appeal to a wider range of customers. Taking a look at data from past campaigns and content that converted into traffic/social shares in the industry. The collection of data can lead to positive changes of small details. For example, publishing the best content on the company blog during times of the highest number of visitors weekly.

Articles, Videos, and Podcasting

Articles, whitepapers, eBooks, and other types of written content need to be top of the line. Errors in grammar or poor flow of an article can reflect poorly on your brand. Generic content will offer little to no return as readers and search engines easily identify these pieces of content. Articles written for link building purposes need to incorporate the link naturally to avoid penalization from Google. Putting a naked URL into an article is a recipe for disaster especially when pointing to a sales or product page.

Video content can be a good way to verbalize a piece of content that attracted quite a bit of attention/traffic/social shares. Professionals need to make these pieces of content in terms of camerawork and editing. YouTube can be a great place to establish a brand as knowledgeable regardless of the business niche. Tutorials are popular videos and the written piece of content can act as an outline of the video.

Podcasting is the easiest way to produce an in-depth piece of content. Transcribing the podcast is also essential to make it searchable and it will help the website’s SEO. Finding guests that bring their own following of listeners is very important. Your company podcast could become a favorite for them to listen to. Guests will advertise they are going to be a guest on a podcast so this promotion takes care of itself.

Partner with an Incredible Influencer

Influencer marketing can provide huge results with the right influencer being selected. The content can be created by the influencer, by your brand, or there can be a collaborative effort. Your brand wants to put its best foot forward especially when investing money in the partnership with the influencer. The content produced also has to keep in line with previously published content. Followers become suspicious if a social media post or blog is obviously sponsored. This occurs if content adds no value to the influencer’s account/website. Medium-sized influencers often produce the best ROI for partners. Genuine follower engagement helps make sponsored posts convert. Loyal followers that trust an influencer are far more likely to purchase an item.

Finding the right influencer can be difficult. These individuals are swamped by brands outreaching to them via email, social media, and by phone. is a platform that helps brands find influencers that data backs to help brands/agencies. Being able to connect easily with an influencer and understand their rates from the start provides comfort. Do the proper research on this person as insensitive social media posts or statuses can lead a brand to encounter a PR nightmare that could take months to recover from.

Promotion and Engagement of Content on Social Media

Social media hashtagging can allow a business to reach a large target demographic searching for a specific hashtag. Being able to promote content to a targeted audience is invaluable. Social media is overrun by generic content so those searching for industry-specific hashtags. Users searching these are far more qualified to become a customer. Engagement on social media could not be more important. One retweet from a huge account or famous user can change the trajectory of a business. Writing out a social media content calendar can allow for easy posting over the course of a month. Posting comments or views on trending daily topics will have to be done day by day.

A content marketing campaign that leads your company to beat out competitors will take careful planning. Do not be afraid to invest in content marketing as it works wonders when implemented correctly. Take the time to look at the data from previous campaigns to create an actionable plan. Content marketing improving consistently will only healthily grow a business.

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