The Benefits of a Branded Uniform

branded uniform

marketing planHow branded uniforms can ensure your employees and staff are making the best impression with customers for your small business identity

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As a business it’s important that your staff are presented in the way that makes the best possible impression on customers. While the quality of your products and the level of service customers receive can help with your reputation and making an impression on your customers your choice of uniform creates that first visual impression that is massively important.

A disjointed, impractical or dated uniform can create the wrong impression before customers ever really deal with your staff. A strong, branded uniform can help to present a much more professional and welcoming look to potential customers.

Opting for a branded uniform also provides your business with a number of additional benefits.

Cohesive look

You want everyone in your business to be easily identifiable by the public. A branded uniform, either utilising your company colours, or your logo. This allows each member of your team to stand out as a part of your business and ensures all of your staff present a standard look to your customers.

Cohesion is important as it means your brand has a consistent appearance, this looks more professional and also eases confusion for the public whenever they are looking for help and assistance.

There might be subtle changes across your uniform to accommodate different aspects of your business, this might include:

  • Highlighting management or senior staff
  • Tweaks to uniforms to suit specific roles such as kitchen or cleaning staff
  • Making your uniform adapt to different temperature and weather conditions

The trick here is to use a unifying colour or particular element to help tie your different uniforms together. This might be a polo shirt worn by all of your staff, or a uniform that utilises one strong brand colour.

Unify different departments

You might have a number of different teams and departments within your business. These departments might have different requirements and subtle changes to their uniforms. For instance, in a hotel your cleaning staff might be dressed differently to your front of house and reception teams.

Branding your uniforms can tie the different departments together. This helps to make different, unrelated, services all fall under one banner, unifying them across your brand and highlighting the breadth and diversity of your services.

A strong brand, that unifies your staff and presents a strong, cohesive look to your customers can help your teams to feel like they belong to something bigger.

If your staff feel supported and part of a larger team it can be a huge boost to morale. A strong brand, tied to a uniform can help your staff to better align with your business and its brand. This can help staff to align with your business goals, delivering better quality service and becoming better advocates and representatives for your company.

Your brand is a visual identifier of your business, it ties together so many different elements, from your packaging and products, to premises, livery, stationary and website. Your uniform is just as important for putting your brand in front of potential customers.

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