The Importance of Getting Corporate Voice Overs Right

corporate voice over

A voice over added to any professional production piece ensures that your brand’s identity is memorable, distinct and perhaps most importantly, uniquely yours.

But reaching the goals you’ve set out for both the branding piece and your company as a whole doesn’t come easy.

You need to get your voice over content right.

If you’re thinking about adding a voice over in your corporate video, we’ll help you understand the different types of voice overs you need for each specific job.

We’ve split this blog post into internal and external corporate voice overs to make it easier to choose the right voice talent for the job you need.

Internal Corporate Voice Overs

The first type of corporate content requiring a specialist voice over is that for internal corporate reasons.

Videos of this nature are generally shown to employees for onboarding, educational and informative purposes.

Let’s go over a couple of examples of the type of internal corporate content that may require a voice over.

  • Onboarding new employees: Welcome videos that provide an overview of the company itself, as well as offering any broad details about the hire’s new role.
  • Internal training: Company wide training videos such as HR compliance or technical booster courses for various roles.
  • Corporate updates from management: Periodic updates about the company from C-level executives that need to get a broad message across.

When it comes to internal corporate voice overs, it’s imperative to present the messaging within them clearly and concisely.

Their tone should be professional, but at the same time convey the culture of the company in question.

The best voice over actors for this type of content have an authoritative, yet calm way of expressing their message.

External Corporate Voice Overs

The other type of corporate content requiring the talents of a specialist voice actor is for outward facing, external purposes.

When we say external corporate content, we mean videos to be shown outside the company, to prospective clients, customers, stakeholders and the like.

Let’s now take the time to go over some examples of external corporate content requiring some voice over work.

  • Advertising content: When it comes to branded content for advertising purposes, the voice over is literally the voice of your brand. You don’t want to skimp here and get this wrong.
  • Web content: While this is much more informative than purely branded advertising content, it is still how the public views your brand.
  • Client pitch content: This encompasses presentations for both prospective clients and investors. Getting this wrong can cost more than just lost revenue. It’s also all about managing your reputation.

The messages contained within external corporate voice overs must be presented with a lot more personality than internal messages.

This is your business’ chance to express a personality that is hopefully reflective of the values you stand for and the culture you’ve created.

The best voice over actors for external corporate video content sound fun, yet garner a level of respect that you only know when you hear.

Getting your corporate voice over talent right

As we’ve spoken about within this blog, both types of corporate voice overs will ultimately complete the identity and culture of your business.

It’s imperative to not only get an extremely talented voice over actor, but get the right voice over actor for the specific message you’re trying to convey.

Always consider the type of corporate content that you’re producing and the audience response you’re trying to generate.

Corporate entities are judged differently, making it imperative that you get your voice over right on both internal and external content.

Always keep this in mind when choosing your voice over talent.

If you’re not sure, Voice Crafters has some great voice talent options for you today.

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