This Brand Strategy Will Help Your Small Business Look Bigger

brand strategy

marketing planYou don’t have to be a big business to create a big brand… follow this small business brand strategy to make your business look a lot bigger and stronger.

We live in interesting times. On one hand, we have this massive collection of online tools for critical business processes like marketing, branding, bookkeeping, etc. and on the other hand, the industry is becoming more and more crowded which has redefined competition altogether.

Today, it’s not surprising to see that the big players are doing just fine as they have to face far less competition than SMEs and domestic businesses, and the sizeable revenue certainly helps. But what about the small businesses? What option do they have?

If yours is a small business too, then you will be surprised to know that it’s possible to make it look a lot bigger and stronger than it’s in reality. In this blog, we will discuss the strategy in detail. So, let’s get started! 

Powerful Branding Makes Powerful Businesses

The most important thing that you must understand first is that the thing that stands between the success of your business and its failure, is your attitude. If you think small, your business will stay small forever. However, if you decide to dream big and become committed to making it possible, then you will overcome every challenge without fear.

Here is something that most small businesses don’t know: if small businesses can think and operate like big brands, it’s possible for them to grow their business faster than ever and reach new heights easily. In other words, you don’t have to be a big business to create a big brand. All you need is creativity and dedication.

It Starts with Consistency

It’s nice to see that smart entrepreneurs are realizing the significance of branding. However, many of them make the mistake of changing their brand’s voice and theme time and again which usually costs them in more ways than they can see.

If you know one thing about successful marketing, it’s that your message should be loud and clear and it should be consistent.  You can’t associate your brand with the tagline “never settle” for 6 months and then switch to “delivering the best”. It will only make your customers confused. Can you imagine what would happen if you started changing your company logo every year?

Large corporations spend millions on branding, which is why they want to get it right the first time. And although there are valid reasons why your company may need to rebrand itself, it’s best to avoid this path in the first place as rebranding can often cost a fortune.

To create a powerful brand, you must set fixed guidelines on how your company looks and feels to the public. This can be accomplished by selecting the following: 


Choose the best fonts you want to use in your blogs, websites, and apps. Remember, whatever typeface you pick will be used everywhere to maintain consistency. The main text components that you need to pick the fonts for include headers, paragraphs, and headings (H1, H2, H3, and H4).


brand colors

Before you pick the colors, you must first understand why colors are important in branding. The answer lies in color-psychology which is the art of using the right colors for the right emotions. After all, every color has a distinct personality and emotion.

Want your brand to say “Hey, I am trustworthy and dependable”? Pick blue. Or is it “growth” and “peace” that your brand represents? In that case, green is the color for should focus on.

While choosing the right colors is important if you want to get branding right, it’s also important that you don’t over-complicate the brand itself by picking too many colors. Ideally, you shouldn’t have more than 3-4 core colors in your brand’s palette. These are the colors that you want to use everywhere, including the logo itself, which brings us to the next point: 


If your brand were a person, then the logo would be the face. This is because your customers will recognize your brand with the logo first. It’s the logo that will make the emotional connection and attract the target demographic. We can extend the analogy further to understand that just like an attractive face is capable of leaving a lasting impression, an attractive logo can also make your brand stand out from the rest.

The good news is that you don’t have to worry about spending a lot of money on creating a premium quality and unique logo. There are several online logo design tools that allow you to create attractive logos in just a matter of minutes. In fact, some of the advanced tools make use of machine learning and artificial intelligence that deliver results that are at par with human graphic designers.

Mission Statement and Value Proposition

For the people to care about your brand, you must make two things very clear:

  • Mission statement: It’s the frontal summary of your brand values and goals. It should reflect everything that your business is associated with- the range and nature of products offered, business philosophy, and main goals.
  • Value proposition: It concerns your brand’s USP- the unique selling point. Getting it right is extremely important because your target audience won’t take interest in you unless you make it clear why they should.

Once you have established all these aspects of your brand, you can start to see its impact on the cash flow and sales. Although you may not get noteworthy results in the first few months, if you stay committed, then you are sure to see your efforts getting paid off. It’s really all about persistence and consistence. Good luck!

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