How User-Friendly Website Content Boosts Lead Generation

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marketing planOrganizing your website content so that it is a user-friendly experience for customers resulting in higher lead generation

Small business owners usually have too much on their plate when they enter the online business race. They have to take care of their finances, as well as of some tricky legal regulations. The initial stage of every small business development can curb your enthusiasm and affect productivity.

To avoid such an outcome, you should learn fast and apply some productive strategies that can save your time and money. The most important one for every fresh business is organizing your online content to generate as many leads as possible.

Avoid Self-Centeredness

Being proud of your business, your products and your services is important in business, because it shows determination to succeed. However, overdoing with self-centeredness can result in completely opposite results. Therefore, a website that represents a newly-launched business has to be entirely focused on visitors and potential customers.

To create such a user-friendly atmosphere and generate leads, your textual content should always address your visitors. Instead of saying “We can solve your problems with this product”, you should go with “Your problems can go away if you try this product”. By using “you” and “your”, you will engage your visitors and attract them to get your products.

Easy with Buy-Me Options

Do you like when you visit a potentially interesting website and a pop-up window attacks you like an aggressive seller at a flea market? If you do not like it on other websites, do not include such an option to your website. The very nature of the Internet is pretty contradictory; on one hand, everybody likes shopping online, but on the other hand, they also do not like to be forced to buy. What every small business owner should always keep on their mind when organizing their websites is that people want some leisure time. Therefore, you should let them roam freely around your website, as if it is a gift store on a promenade. Instead of being needy, apply a relaxed tactic that revolves around interesting articles and amusing photos. Seductive content will eventually talk them into buying.

Importance of Opt-in Distribution

An important part of a well-organized sales generation strategy is the distribution of opt-in offers, whose main goal is making your visitors to register to your website. Since creating an email list is the essential step for every small business, it should be done in an easy way, just like the buying options from the previous paragraph. If you overdo with it, your small business will fail to reach your business goals. On the other hand, mastering the skill of organizing opt-ins can contribute to better lead nurturing.

The rule of thumb is that an opt-in field should be placed in the upper-left corner of your homepage. However, if you want to play it nice and slow, this option can be placed in the middle of the page, as well. That way you will leave your customers to content to warm them up.

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Abundance of Information

If you want to improve user experience on your website, do not overload your pages with too many products. On the contrary, choose a balanced arrangement, so as to ensure that the potential buyers can get enough information about every single product. What is more, your user experience designer should offer your visitors an option to choose how many products they want to see per page. Also, every product needs to be described in a concise, accurate and informative way.

Bear in mind that product descriptions are among the most important parts of your overall content. The more information they give to visitors, the higher is their lead-generating potential. Last, but not the least, your products should always be accompanied by high-resolution images. However, you should optimize them so that they are accessible from different devices, so check some useful compression tools for that purpose.

Small business owners need to be smart and wise. They cannot afford any bad decisions. Therefore, their leads have to be generated in a fast and astute way. Try our tips, but also go for some trial-and-error tactics along the way to see what exactly suits your business needs.

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