YouTube Videos as a Public Relations Marketing Tool

youtube pr toolVideo marketing channels on YouTube can be a powerful public relations marketing tool for large or small business promotions

Taking advantage of free video postings on YouTube should be a must-have component in every company’s marketing tool box. A video adds a dynamic element to company messages, helping public relations activities such as press releases come alive.

Communicating through an audio and visual presentation can broaden the reach of business news or promotions. Videos can help improve organic search engine results for a company, increase visibility through YouTube searches and easily add an interactive element to a company website.

Ideas for YouTube Videos as a PR Marketing Tool

There are many ways businesses can tap into YouTube to improve or augment their public relations efforts. YouTube is very accessible, has broad appeal and is essentially free to use. Most company videos can also be created with little to no cost. Here are some ideas for using YouTube videos as a PR marketing tool.

  • Product promotional videos
  • Trade or industry event preview or recap videos
  • Company executive interview videos
  • Customer testimonial videos
  • New product or service offering announcement videos
  • New partnership announcement videos
  • Photo collage videos highlighting key messages, products, projects or other accomplishments

How YouTube Videos Help Public Relations

YouTube videos can extend the reach of promotional messages in an engaging and interactive way. Videos on YouTube can be accessed by media representatives, customers, prospects, investors and potential business partners.

Using a video marketing channel on YouTube gives businesses the ability to create a mini-site within YouTube to organize and showcase PR videos. Traffic can be measured and monitored through YouTube analytics to understand traffic sources and overall reach of public relations videos. With proper use of keywords in video descriptions, YouTube videos can generate traffic beyond typical traffic sources.

YouTube videos are typically accessed by:

  • Organic search engine results
  • YouTube video search results
  • Related video recommendations on YouTube
  • Direct links from company websites

The reach of videos is further extended through social media sharing. Links to YouTube videos are often shared on Twitter or embedded on Facebook. The viral marketing effect of sharing videos can be a huge help to public relations efforts.

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