Is your Business ready for the Media? Tips to Get Prepared for Coverage

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10 Part Series on Media Coverage

As someone who is consistently featured in the media, I am asked quite often how I make that happen. The answer is simple, I’m prepared.

There are different items you need to have prepared and approaching the media nowadays is a process and every media outlet has a different process. As long as you have these items prepared and ready to go you can start approaching the media to get booked for interviews, write articles and become the “go to” expert in your field.

My new monthly column on Small Business Marketing Tools will cover each of these items in detail to make sure you are on the right track.

1. Define Your Goals

What is your goal with gaining more media coverage? Everyone’s ultimate goal is to increase business, but in what way? Did you write a new book, have a new service you are promoting? This will help you in creating other items needed for this process in getting prepared.

2. Website/Press Page

Take a look at your website, see if there are any updates that need to be done prior to starting this process. Start a press page or media page, even if you don’t have anything to add just yet.

3. Your Image

Start with your voice, are you articulate, will people have difficulty in hearing you, do you need to adjust the volume a bit. Look at your appearance, for radio and print it doesn’t really matter, once you start getting television interviews you will want to make sure you are dressing for your body type and choosing colors that are flattering to your skin tone.

4. Your Bio and Headshot

Take a look at your Bio, it’s an Entrepreneurs resume that is constantly being updated. Are you including the right information? If you don’t have a professional headshot, you need to invest in one. Use it on your website, business card and in the media.

5. Topic of Conversation

Why should you be chosen as a guest on a show or write for a magazine? What topics can you discuss by adding value to the listening or reading audience? Your topic should also include a few sentences or a brief summary of what the audience will take away from your interview.

6. Sample Questions

Create 5-10 sample questions that can be used during an interview, the host may or may not use them, but have them prepared just in case.

7. Call to Action

The purpose of getting more media exposure is to get exposure and eventually increase business. You should have a strong call to action to share during or after your interview. Such as a free download, free white paper, discount code, etc.

8. Email Pitch

Press Releases are not always the way to go, most all media outlets want submissions via email. Have an email crafted that can be personalized for each outlet.

9. Finding Media Opportunities

This is the most time consuming of all steps, unless you have access to a media directory. There are several ways to find media outlets if you are willing to invest the time. Most media directories can be purchased or rented at a reasonable price.

10. Marketing and Promoting your Media Event

Yes, you are expected to promote and why wouldn’t you? If you are providing valuable content and you want to be considered an expert and the “go to” professional in your field it’s in your best interest to promote each media encounter.

Stay tuned as we take a deeper dive into each of these issues in the months ahead as I share more tips to help you get prepared for media coverage.

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