Mirror Reflection: Are you a Good Fit for your Pitch?

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10 part series on Media Coverage

marketing planDoes your pitch to the media deliver the best representation of your business?

Do you ever wonder what you sound like or look like for that matter when you are conducting a media interview? Not only should you know, you should be consistently critiquing and correcting your pitch.

Here are a few tips to get you started on perfecting your interviews.

How do you sound?

Start with your voice, are you articulate, will people have difficulty in hearing you, do you need to adjust the volume a bit. Make sure your voice is clear. One trick I learned in the entertainment industry is that before you have to audition or speak, stay away from milk, milkshakes, anything that can coat your vocal cords. You should also keep water by your side and if you feel a cough coming on, get some cough drops or hard candy.

How do you look?

Look at your appearance, for radio and print it doesn’t really matter, once you start getting television interviews you will want to make sure you are dressing for your body type and choosing colors that are flattering to your skin tone. If you need updated headshots for submissions, make sure you are portraying your brand.

How clear is your message?

Be very clear on your message, make sure that you have a detailed summary and sample questions for submissions and make sure your message stays on track with that topic. Practice makes perfect so you should practice your interview, listen to past interviews and make a list of what you need to improve and what you’d like to add to your interview.

Always be improving, it helps both you and the listening audience. You should also take the time to practice how you’d reply to rebuttals or conflicting opinions. If you do any live programs you will run into others who don’t share your views on the selected topic. Part of dealing with this is being professional when responding and knowing how you’d like to respond. It always pays to be prepared.

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