SEO Marketing Tactics to Get More Website Traffic

seo marketing tacticsThese SEO marketing tactics help companies get more website traffic and improve search engine page rankings for targeted keywords

Good search engine page ranking with relevant keywords is the key to getting more traffic for your website. More website traffic increases potential website inquiries, sales leads, online sales and other revenue opportunities for businesses.

With competition continually increasing for search engine results on the internet (especially top search engines like Google or Bing), search engine optimization has become an essential element of nearly every aspect of a company’s marketing plans. Keyword rich content needs to be included in all content generated for a website, including social media sites. Incorporating multiple SEO marketing tactics will help improve a website’s search engine page ranking and ultimately generate more qualified website traffic.

Optimize Your Content for SEO

The most important thing to optimize for search engines is the content on your website. Your content should be focused on the topic that is most relevant to your business. Creating valuable, original content that is rich with targeted keywords is the most important step when optimizing your website for search engine results.

Select the Right Keywords for Your Business

Simply defined, keywords are sets of words (or phrases) that people use in their searches on search engines. A search engine evaluates all the keywords used on your website or pages on your website to determine your websites relevance and positioning in search engine results. Targeted keywords will help position your business correctly within search engine results and get you more website traffic that is relevant.

Sometimes narrowing your focus to select the best keywords can be a challenge. Here are some tips for selecting the best keywords for your business:

  • Select keywords that are 2-4 words in length
  • Try sample searches to see competitor websites and keywords they use
  • Check out Google “auto-suggest” options for new keyword ideas
  • Think about words your customers may use to find your products/services
  • Avoid very competitive, generic keywords with high competition

Where to Position Keywords for Website Traffic Optimization

In addition to using keywords throughout your website content, there are different areas of your website that search engines look at when indexing your content.

Targeted keywords should be placed in these areas of your website:

  • Home page content
  • Individual page content
  • Browser Titles of Pages
  • Page Names Text Links (anchor text for hyperlinks)
  • Meta Tags Alt Tags for images

Getting More Website Traffic with External Links

What you do outside of your website is almost as important as the content you maintain on your website. Search engines look at the external links that go to your website to determine the relevance of your website for specified keywords.

An inbound link building strategy should be part of your website traffic building strategy. You want to get other websites that are relevant to your keywords and industry to link to your website. The links to your website will help generate more traffic sources and make your site appear more relevant to search engines and improve your page ranking.

External links can come from many sources, such as: commenting on other sites or blogs with a link back to your site, other sites linking to your valuable content or including your website in online directories.

Social media networks like Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter are also good sources for building traffic from external links. So you want to be sure that a social media plan is included in your website traffic building and online marketing efforts.

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